Beard Care Products

It’s all well and good to grow a beard. All this involves is some patience and resistance to shave off itchy stubble. However, before you start to look dashing, you have to know how to take care of your beard. There is quite a gulf between the suave gentleman and the uncivilized cave man. Get a good maintenance routine down, and you will have the beard of your dreams.

The Best Beard Products of 2017

The Right Beard Kit

The secret to having a truly great looking beard is to have a fantastic beard kit. These are specifically designed to have all of the tools you need to get a rocking beard going. The instruments in a good beard kit will allow you to forge a majestic beard that feels fresh, looks fresher and above all, smells like a dream. An excellent beard-taming kit ought to come packing some sort of good smelling cleaning products. This will make your beard tolerable to the person standing next to you. A good cleaning product will also leave your beard feeling very soft to the touch.

You want to be able to run your fingers through your beard after applying your shampoo and conditioner; think about just how good that would feel. Once you have cleaned your beard, your trusty beard kit will have the right scissors for you to trim any patches that might be sticking out, in order to make you look tidy and symmetrical. A superb beard kit will come with soothing natural oils that will ease any skin irritation you might experience when cutting very close to the grain. And make sure not to forget your travel beard comb!

Beard Vitamins and Supplements

Some people aren’t able to grow beards very easy. In some cases their genetics may even be against them. Luckily supplements and vitamins exist that help with any deficiencies you may be experiencing. All these supplements are quite similar but they all will aid in the production of new fuller, stronger hair.

Beard Growth Products

So, it’s 2017 and you still can’t seem to grow a beard. Don’t let that get you down Bro, you can still grow that lavish beard that you are after. Luckily some other Bros out there create several beard growth products that can help.

There are a variety of options on the market today; whether you prefer to take a supplement, apply an oil, or use a cream, there is something out there for everyone.

The Right Beard Conditioner

If you do not take the time to soften your beard, it can often feel like some old thatched straw when you drag your fingers through it. But if you like your beard, but you cannot stand that feeling, then you will need to get yourself some good beard conditioner. A good conditioner will help your beard with its split ends. These form if you trim it often or if you eat a particular diet. They make your beard feel rough and unpleasant. The conditioner within the kit will prevent it becoming too rigid as it grows. Your beard may also be deficient in moisture. When something dries out, it tends to become stiffer and as a result, more unpleasant to the touch. A conditioner will help keep your beard moist. Drinking lots of water in your daily routine will also contribute to a softer feel.

The Right Beard Moisturizer

Moisturizer is an indispensable part of any respectable beard wearer’s hair care arsenal. Its job is to keep your beard hydrated which is vital in keeping it soft and malleable. A very popular type of moisturizer is beard oil. These are designed to keep your beard moist as well as to add a very nice scent to the beard. They can be made of any and all essential oils which are all natural and considered to be universally beneficial to the human body. It also has the added perk, if you are just starting to grow a beard, that it prevents that annoying itchiness that so plagues wearers of stubble. Then once it has grown out a bit, it helps to prevent dandruff from ever forming in the beard. Yes, dandruff can accumulate in your beard too! Because beard moisturizers are composed of essential oils, you can also expect it to maintain the health of your skin cells which actually encourage growth. So it will keep you feeling good as well as speeding up your beard journey. Nobody wants to stay in the itchy stage longer than necessary after all.

Just say no to dry beards!

The Right Beard Softener

Beard enthusiasts widely believe that the best type of beard softener is made from balm. A balm is made of many natural waxes which can keep your beard feeling soft to the touch. But it also has beeswax in it which means that it can make your beard easier to manipulate and shape as well. People with longer beards would most likely feel that the most benefit from a beard softener as longer beards can become quite dry and brittle. But balms are also greater in mass than most other hair care products, so if you use too much, your beard can feel quite heavy. However, balms are also very soothing to your skin. So if you have sensitive skin, all natural lotions would be the way to go, synthetic versions may just irritate you further. The most common ingredients in beard softeners are beeswax, avocado, cocoa and shea butter. The waxes give it a much more solid feel compared to oils, but the butter allows for it to be quickly spread over all over your beard providing an equal coating. Quite often they are very nice smelling too and are perfect for keeping your beard healthy and beautiful.

The Right Beard Shampoo

The most basic and yet fundamental beard care product is, of course, beard shampoos. Shampoos are the magic ingredient in keeping your beard clean and shiny. Shampoo’s primary function is to remove any accumulated dirt which may have found its way into your beard. The skin on your face is usually more sensitive than the skin on your head. As a result, it is most likely a good idea to stick with mild shampoos. That is not saying that regular shampoos will not work on your beard, but that they may irritate your skin once you set about scrubbing yourself. If you want the best results, you would be best advised to look for products specially made for facial hair. This will make sure that your beard looks as good, and feels as good as it possibly can. Let’s face it. Nobody is going to look at your shiny beard if you look awkward and uncomfortable because you ground your face into dust using any old shampoo.