Best Beard Bibs Reviewed: Say No More to Clogged Sinks!

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Of all things beard related that have mushroomed in the past year or two, the beard bib takes the cake. I mean, who would have ever imagined that one day you’d have a contraption to catch beard hair of all things.

Yet, when you think about the practicality that it offers, you slowly start to realize that it is, in fact, an ingeniously designed product. All in all the Beard King beard bib is our favorite on this list.

If you have ever shaved or used a beard trimmer above your sink, then you’d be aware of the ungainly sight that is left after you are done. Beard hair being coarser than the hair on your head can cling on to clothes, furniture, your pet, your breakfast, your toothbrush and even enter electronic gadgets.

Does that sound too farfetched?

Depending on the size of the beard, you may even end up clogging the drain.

Well, there is no need to experience these things because I have picked the best hair catchers for you right here.





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7.8 oz


Beard Smart


1 oz




4.8 oz


Mr. Rugged


4.8 oz


Don’t they look neat? The best part is that they are ridiculously easy to use and will make life so much simpler for you after grooming. Let’s take a closer look.

The Best Beard Bibs

1. Best Overall

It all started with Beard King which is rightly named the official beard bib. Created by Nick and Alessia Galekovic, a couple who’d had enough of rogue beard hair strands, Beard Bib is a flagship that quickly became quite popular among beardsmen and today, is one of the bestselling beard catchers in the market. It is designed like a salon cape with neck straps on one end and suction cups on the other end. You snap on the neck straps around your neck and stick the suction cups on the mirror in front of you to create a catchall cape that will trap any and all beard hair that would otherwise fall into the sink. Once you are done trimming or using your straight razor shaving kit, you can just remove it from both ends creating a pouch with all the beard hair trapped in and dump it into the waste bin.

While that seems like a pretty ordinary beard bib, there are tiny design features integrated into Beard King, that make it the best beard shaving bib in the business. For example, if you get an urgent phone call while you are grooming or you need to step away for a minute for some reason, you can gently remove the neck straps and hang it on the suction cups. None of the beard hair will fall into the sink. There’s a small pouch sewn on to the bib itself which doubles up as a storage bag for it. You can just fold the bib neatly into the pouch and stow it away or carry it with you during travel. Also, the quality of the suction cups is top notch.

It can even be used as a tray table to store your grooming essentials during a grooming session. Works with mirrors of all sizes, sticks on it like a tick and is hand made in the USA! Cannot ask for more. If you are looking to get yourself a beard catcher, might as well get the best one in the biz. Go for Beard King! They have a great customer service team too that will be happy to assist you with queries or complaints. To note, the answer is yes, they were featured on shark tank. 

Beard King The Official Beard Bib

2. Runner-Up

Beard King has explicitly declared that any other beard bib in the market is an imposter that is trying to capitalize on the popularity of their product. Well, according to some, if you can get the same product for a few dollars less, then why not?

Here’s Beard Smart, a beard and mustache shaving bib that looks identical to Beard King. It retains the same design with neck straps and suction cups that allow you to create a catchall pouch to trap any beard or mustache trimmings.

Once you are done grooming, you just unhook both ends and dispose of the trapped hair.
The most notable difference among Beard Smart and Beard King is that the latter has a snap-on design around the neck with three snap button options to get the right fit. Now, if you have an unnaturally thin neck or one that is too thick, then it may not be possible to get a snug fit.

Beard Smart, on the other hand, includes a Velcro strap in the package. So, you can get the perfect fit for your neck.

Everything else is identical. Beard Smart also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with it, you can just return it for a refund.

Beard Smart, Beard and Mustache Shaving Bib

3. Best Budget Option

This just keeps getting better! This is a beard bib catcher from Ishowstore that has the same design as the other ones in this list. You can use the neck strap and wear it around the neck while the opposite end has suction cups that can be attached to the mirror or just about any surface.

The package also includes a wooden beard comb and a pouch that can be used to pack it neatly.

Now, this is priced under $10. That’s incredibly cheap. So, naturally, this cannot rival the Beard King or Beard Smart in quality. The Nylon used for the bib is extremely thin and has every chance of ripping or tearing if you try to use it as a hanging pouch for your beard trimmer or other accessories.

Also, the suction cups don’t stick that well to the mirror. They tend to lose their grip after a few days of use and you will eventually have to figure out another way to keep them stuck to the mirror. Having said that, for the price, this is more than what you can expect.

The wooden comb is also not the best quality that we have seen. But you can surely use it to comb and give your beard some direction after applying your beard oil.

Overall, this makes for a great gift pack for someone who is new to beard grooming. If you are looking for a long term solution, then you should check out our #1 and #2 picks in this list of best beard bibs.

Beard Trimming Apron with Bonus Comb and Pouch

4. Best Premium Cape

My final pick in this list of best beard trimming bibs is the Mr. Rugged Beard Cape. Unlike the combo package, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the quality of this one. This is made of premium quality non-stick nylon, features a Velcro strap attachment for a tight fit around the neck and also contains loops for hanging it on the suction cups when not in use.

The bib is all-white and features a large Mr. Rugged logo in black which looks great to be honest.

It includes an integrated pouch which doubles up as storage for the bib when not in use. The soft nylon easily folds and slips into the pouch which you can then secure using a drawstring.

Even if there are any leftover stray hair strands, you can be rest assured that they will not escape when you stow this away in your backpack or your closet.

The Mr. Rugged beard catching bib is priced under $18 which pits it against Beard Smart, our number two pick in this list. If I were to pick one among the two, I would choose Beard Smart though because it has better customer reviews to its name than Mr. Rugged.

Mr. Rugged Beard Cape

How to pick a beard catching bib

So, how do you pick the best beard bib for yourself?

That’s trickier than it seems to be because almost every product looks identical.

But they are not the same by a long shot, I can tell you that. Take a look at the #4 pick in this list for example. At first glance, it looks very similar to our #1 pick, the beard king bib. However, you will know that it is a poor quality product the moment you unpack it.

Here are a few factors that you need to consider before picking one for yourself.

The Material

Beard bibs are normally made of Nylon. But there are many varieties of nylon and not all of them are soft and luxurious. You need it to be non-stick (prevents beard hair from clinging on) and easy to fold and tuck away when not in use. Also, look for beard bibs that are machine washable. Some of them have plastic parts integrated into them which make them impossible to use in machines. As simple as it may seem, you will hate washing beard bibs by hand.

The Size

Most men do not even consider the size before buying a beard bib. But if you are a tall and heavy guy then an average sized bib may not be able to catch your beard trimmings. You will need a wider bib that is designed for bigger men. Just to give you some insight, most bibs measure around 40 x 30 inches. Bigger ones on the other hand measure approximately 53 to 54 inches in length and approximately 35 inches in breadth.

The Neck Strap

All beard bibs have a neck strap that goes around your neck. However, only a few of them have a Velcro strap integrated into the design. Some have snap-on buttons which may or may not give you the desired snug fit. I personally prefer Velcro. But even if it is a snap-on button, it’s not really a deal breaker as long as all the other boxes are ticked.

The Suction cup

If the suction cup loses suction after a while, it kind of defeats the purpose of a bib. That’s why it is important to not cut corners while buying beard grooming products. Sure, you might get a beard catcher for under $10 but that’s precisely what it will look and perform like. One of the workarounds that is often suggested in the community is to keep the suction cup permanently attached to the mirror and then just hook up the bib to it when you need. You can use a layer of petroleum jelly around the cup to create a secure seal.

Add on features

Everything else, like the integrated storage pouch, travel bag, wooden comb, beard shaper, and eBooks are additional features that are not important. As long as you get the above-mentioned features right, you should be able to pick the right beard trimming bib for yourself.


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