Best Beard Butter of 2019: Improve Hold and Scent!

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It would be fair to say that it has become easier to grow a mean looking beard these days thanks to specialized products like beard butter which allows you to tame the beast. A decade ago, you’d have to make do with a dollop of coconut oil or argan oil, if you ever dared to grow facial hair that is.

If you’re in a rush, Live Bearded’s Beard butter is our go-to pick. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I can even say that it is better than beard oil.

Oh yes, I can feel those beard oil fanatics spitting venom on their laptops already. But the fact is that if you pick good beard butter or beard balm, it doubles up as a conditioner and a styling agent. Something that beard oil cannot do if you have a beard that is longer than an inch.




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4 oz

Vanilla, Tobacco. and Cedarwood

4 oz

Light woodsy

2 oz

Black Pepper and Bergamot notes

6 oz


4 oz


8 oz


2 oz

Noticed that I threw in a ‘good’ there? That’s because not all beard butter is the same. There’s a lot of junk in the market being peddled in attractive looking tins. Sadly, the only way to know which one is worth it is to test it out yourself.

That’s precisely what we have done though. We have spent a lot of time wading through the muck and I have the best beard butters in the business for you just below. To note, the products reviewed were specifically advertised as butters, not balms. If you are looking for beard balms, I’ve also got you covered by clicking here.

Top 7 Beard Butters

Let’s check out the current top rated beard butters on the market for 2018:

1. Best Overall Pick

Live Bearded makes a number of beard care products, but their beard butter is what really shines. They top this list for a number of reasons and one of them is their simple ingredients list. When it comes to ingredients and beard products, less is more. This butter contains the following: Shea butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, and Grape-seed oil.

There are a number of scents and fragrances. The ingredients above are in the unscented option. There is also campfire, citrus, pine, and sandalwood. We’ve said this before, but Beard Bro tends to steer away from these options. Usually, they can be overbearing, and it appears from a few reviews this was the case.

The consistency of the butter is also solid. It mixes into the beard similarly to an oil, with a light/medium hold. Some prefer a stronger hold, but it gets to a point where you don’t want to look greasy and feel like your beard is filled with glue. If you have used beard balm then you might have experienced the build-up that can occur. These products don’t have this problem, and Live Bearded even suggests using this as a daily conditioner. Simply put this in your hands to melt or even use a beard brush to comb through your hair.

Live Bearded Beard Butter


  • Made in the USA
  • Simple ingredients
  • Light/Medium hold
  • 5 scent options including unscented


  • Too greasy for some
  • Some scents are too fragrant

2.  For the Minimalist

The Beard Butter from Detroit Grooming Co. tops this list for two reasons. Firstly, it is as minimalistic as it can get. There are just two ingredients and if you have sensitive skin, then neither of these ingredients are going to cause allergies or breakouts.

Those ingredients are coconut oil and shea butter. If you have never used beard butter before and are skeptical about it, then this is the perfect way to get started. These ingredients are common in a lot of grooming products like beard oil.

Secondly, it is made in the USA. That somehow sounds more reassuring than ‘Made in China.”

The balm has a nice non-greasy texture, melts away when you rub it in your beard and thankfully, doesn’t smell like you dipped your face in a tumbler full of chemicals. The aroma is natural and mild. Most of it dissipates in a few minutes after you step out outside. In a couple of hours, you only have a mild lingering smell that lasts all day.

Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter

The shea butter provides control to wiry beard strands and the coconut oil ensures that it remains hydrated all day.

You can apply this after a shower or even before you step out of your house. Gives the beard a natural-looking sheen as well.


  • Minimalist ingredients
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Perfect for all skin and beard types
  • Shea butter provides control
  • Coconut oil for hydration


  • None

3. Best Smell

If you are a seasoned beard butter user dissatisfied with your current brand or even if you just want to try what real beard butter feels like, then check out Wild Willie’s from Manskape.

This is one of the best beard butter brands in the market currently. It uses a blend of 13 organic ingredients that are locally sourced from Georgia. Then the products are hand blended to ensure that the quality is consistent.

There are no added colors, fragrances or perfumes.

The ingredients are Shea butter, Yellow Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Gold Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E (Non GMO), Tea Tree oil, Cedarwood Oil and Rosemary oil.

That’s an excellent blend of carrier oils which are rich in natural Vitamin E and hydrate the beard and the skin underneath. The Castor oil keeps beardruff at bay while Tea Tree oil prevents fungal infections.

Wild Willie's Beard Butter by Manskape

The odor is a mild but woodsy one thanks to the top notes of Cedarwood. At the same time, the rosemary gives the aroma a pleasant tinge which ensures that it is not overpowering.

Unlike normal beard butters and balms which only contain shea butter or beeswax, the Wild Willie’s Beard Butter contains both. This makes it almost wax-like for that extra hold that keeps your beard in order all day.

Yet, the texture is not overly butter or greasy. It is easy to apply and even a small amount usually suffices to cover the entire beard.

Wild Willie’s ticks all the right boxes that one looks for in a beard balm and there is no reason why this cannot replace your bottle of beard oil and wax.


  • 13 locally sourced ingredients
  • Handmade in Georgia, USA
  • Non-greasy
  • Light woodsy aroma


  • A few have noted leftover residue in their beards. This could be from improper application.

4. Best Premium Option

Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter is one of the newer brands to have entered the market in recent times. Their beard butter is water based rather than most others which are oil based. This gives it a very light and fluffy texture. You can note this in their provided ingredients list on all of their products, it’s the first item.

I know that’s difficult to explain. But it is not as heavy on your beard as an oil based balm would be. It melts away and coats the hair evenly and you’d hardly notice that you have applied a balm on your beard. That being said, this isn’t going to have significatnt hold.

The ingredients are also quite different from what we normally see in beard products.

There’s coconut oil, castor seed oil and wheat germ oil for the carrier oil base while the essential oil blend includes Abyssinica Seed Oil and Mulberry Bark Extract.

Maestro's Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter

Along with nourishing, hydrating and softening your beard, this blend is very effective in preventing beardfruff. If you are suffering from itchiness that happens in the growing stage, try this beard butter.

One of the most notable things about the Maestro’s Mark of a Man beard butter is the aroma. It is not a feminine floral aroma and most men take a liking to the smell. Overall it’s fairly mild and won’t make you pass out.

Also, this cools and soothes the beard when you apply it. Don’t be surprised if you get addicted to using this beard butter. It is slightly expensive as compared to most popular brands but, you won’t be able to get the same texture or aroma in any other one.


  • Water-based formula
  • Light and soft texture that does not feel heavy when applied
  • Has a soothing menthol like feel
  • Nourishes and hydrates the beard
  • Prevents dryness and itching


  • On the pricey side
  • Long list of ingredients

5. Best Unscented Option

Most of the beard butters in the market have a woodsy and musky odor which at times, can seem overwhelming. The Classic beard butter from Fresh Beards is unscented which is quite refreshing. Granted the ingredients and their oils will have a smell, but it’s very light.

The ingredients are quite minimal featuring only Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, and Grapeseed Oil.

That’s loaded with vitamin E, natural emollients and essential antioxidants that help to soften even the hardest beard strands.

Shea butter gives it a very creamy texture that does not leave your beard sticky or oily.

It feels soft and non-greasy and you can apply this at any time of the day.

Fresh Beards "Classic" Beard Butter

The products are made in the USA. If you are looking for a change in brands, give Fresh Beards a try. They recently just started adding a number of their products to Amazon which other reviewers have requested. Overall a solid product at a relatively low cost.


  • Unscented
  • Carrier oil blend includes Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Almond and Grape-seed
  • Shea butter for a creamy, non-greasy texture
  • Does not make your beard oily or sticky
  • Ideal for application at any time of the day


  • Should of added their products online sooner!

6. Most Cost Effective

Another new product and I am hearing some very good things about this from friends and colleagues who have used their beard butter.

This is the Private’s blend from Bearded Soldier. They also have a General’s blend which is a scented version of the same beard butter. So, it’s a matter of rank. You can choose to be a general or a private.

This one has an essential oil blend of grapefruit, bergamot and black pepper. You don’t see those ingredients every day and the aroma is very different from other brands.

It does tend to linger on for a longer time frame too. If you prefer something milder, check out some of the other recommendations in this list.

The complete ingredient list is not mentioned on their website and I have written to the manufacturer because I’d really like to know what they use. The formula softens the beard like silk. I mean, I have used beard softening balms before but this one really ups the ante.

Bearded Soldier Beard Butter General's Blend

And it doesn’t make you look like an oil slick in the process. Disappears into the beard leaving a slight sheen to it just the way I like my beard butter.

I have never really had beardruff. But I believe that this will help prevent beardruff.


  • Scented with grapefruit, bergamot, and black pepper
  • Soft texture, melts into the beard
  • Leaves a natural sheen on the beard
  • check-circle
    Softens the beard and prevents itching
  • check-circle
    Also available in an unscented version for those allergic to essential oils


  • None

7. Newest Option

Creative Culture is a new brand to the team at BeardBro, but overall, a pretty solid experience. Their container definitely was the first thing that stood out as it’s not the traditional tin. This is great for home use, but lack-luster for the beardsman on the go. Even though the container is different, it still holds the standard amount of 2 ounces. 

The ingredients are what you would expect from most butters featuring shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, soy oil, and fragrance oil. The “fragrance” oil is actually a sandalwood scent making it a proprietary blend in order to achieve the smell. Sandalwood is a stable scent so we can see why people love it. 

What really surprised us was there were no bad reviews of the product. People report customer service is solid, the butter absorbs well, and the scent is spot on. The price-point is under the average making it a value buy.

Creative Culture Beard Butter


  • Sandalwood Scent
  • Minimal Ingredients
  • Absorbs Nicely
  • Value Buy


  • Not ideal for travel

What to Look for in a Beard Butter


Most people would just buy a bottle of beard wax to style their beards. But I’d say that unless you are looking to sculpt your beard into shape, beard butter is a great way to style your beard. Beeswax is the number one choice. Most beard butter will not have beeswax in the formula though. It is mostly shea butter. So, you’d want to pick one that contains beeswax.

With almost hundreds of products to pick from, you will be spoilt for choice while shopping for beard butter. The caveat is that there is a real chance of you ending up with an overpriced or hyped product. Here’s a small buying guide that lists down a few factors to consider before you swipe that card.

The ingredients

You only want all natural ingredients in your beard butter. Leave the synthetics for the mop on top. Some people go to the extent of saying, ‘organic or nothing’. But I would personally pick it as long as it does not contain artificial fragrances, flavors, and colors.

Carrier oil

Depending on why you are buying the beard butter in the first place, you’d want to choose one with the right carrier oil blend. Butters with coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil are good for moisturizing and softening the beard. If you have beard itch or dandruff, look for something that has castor oil in it.

Essential oils

The essential oils will determine the scent of the butter. Since it is a men’s grooming product, most beard butter will have outdoorsy and wooden scents like pine, eucalyptus, and cedarwood. There’s an option to go scentless especially if you are allergic to scents and essential oils.


The price should be the last factor on your mind while buying any product that you are going to apply on your face. You get what you pay for. Having said that, there are many excellent beard grooming balms which are priced reasonably. So, once you have considered all other factors and have narrowed down your selection to a few products, pick one of those based on the price. Irrespective of whether you have boar-hair thick and unmanageable facial hair or short thorny stubble, beard butter will help you to control it, give it direction and prevent the dreaded itch. Like I said at the start of this post, pick the right one and you can save the money you otherwise spend on multiple products like oil and wax.

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