Best Beard Combs of 2019: Tame the Frizz!

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Beard combs are a necessary tool to have in your arsenal to maintain your fierce and manly beard. Beards are great and handsome look, but what is not great or handsome is neglecting your beard. You need to treat it the way it deserves to be treated it and part of that is keeping it nice and tangle-free. After all, if you’re going to spend money on beard oils, what’s the point if your beard looks like a piece of felt that a cat clawed to ribbons and then a toddler got a hold of and proceeded to microwave? A beard comb is crucial to keeping your beard at its peak level of handsomeness.




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Dream Bear


3.9 in


Kent Men's


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Striking Viking


4.3 in




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Grow a Beard


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The Best Beard Combs

Without wasting your time, let's check out the options:

1. Overall Best Pick


The Dream Bear beard comb is compact enough to fit in your jeans pocket or your wallet, or possibly add this to your beard grooming kit so you can take it wherever you go for a quick touchup. 


A double-sided comb, the Dream Bear comb features thick teeth on one side and thin teeth on the other to accommodate practically any beard hair texture and thickness. Moreover, you can even use it to comb your head hair for added utility.

Made from green sandalwood

Green sandalwood is a very interesting wood that has the right qualities for a beard comb. It’s sturdy, yet smooth to the touch. It also contains sandalwood essential oil, which hydrates your beard and encourages hair growth. Sandalwood also has a gentle, calming fragrance, and yet it’s so simultaneously manly that it’s used as a note in some of the top male fragrances out there. Plus, some believe that it can improve your circulation. More science is likely needed to know for sure, but if it does indeed improve circulation, that will only help your beard grow.

Dream Bear Sandalwood Comb

A note on green sandalwood: It can vary in color, ranging from yellow or darker to the green it gets its name from. What color it is or becomes mainly is down to the environment, such as humidity, sunlight, etc. And it can change overtime. However, this is part of why people like green sandalwood because there’s just something nicely classic about having an aged sandalwood beard comb.

Comes in a great-looking box

The box the Dream Bear beard comb comes in is an ornate royal purple box with a golden latch. It’s a box truly fit for a bearded king. (True royal purple is very dark purple mixed with a hint of dark red, in case you were wondering, which is awesome, and why it’s the color of kings since the days of Cleopatra, the female Egyptian pharaoh whose favor for it is said by some to have ironically laid the foundation for its popularization among European male monarchs across the span of the whole continent.) Because the box looks amazing, it would make a great gift if you’re looking to buy an extra or if you’re a woman looking to buy it for the man in your life.


  • Handmade
  • Made of green sandalwood: strong and high quality
  • Calming sandalwood scent that’s not overwhelming
  • Double-sided for versatility
  • Compact for travel
  • Handsome appearance
  • Comes in a box that looks very regal
  • Would make a great gift for a bearded man in your life
  • check-circle
    Doesn’t cause static, which can wreak havoc on your beard


  • The color of the green sandalwood can very when it’s new and change over time due to the environment. It may lighten or darken overtime; however, many would argue that this is part of green sandalwood’s charm.

2. Runner-Up

An Incredible Value

One of the more important decisions when it comes to choosing the correct beard comb is finding one that’s the right size, with the correct type of teeth that you’re looking for. What makes this bundle so attractive, besides the hand-polished timeless style, is that it comes with a variety of different combs, with different size teeth.
You could pay this much for one single comb sometimes, but in this package, you’re getting a full set. They are well-made, precisely engineered, and then polished by hand to give them that Kent shine. One thing that stands out is that they just look and feel more expensive than they are, which is a sign of a great value. The way they’re made ensures great quality, too.

Everything You Need

Whether you’ve got a short and stubborn beard or a majestic mane, this kit has you covered. One of the combs has larger and finer teeth for a variety of jobs, one of them has a more standard layout, and finally, there’s a little guy who is perfect for your mustache or the more precision-demanding areas of your beard.

Kent Men's 3 Comb Set

What’s All The Fuss About?

This particular trio of combs has near-flawless reviews across the board, and it’s not surprising.

Kent has a reputation for surpassing the expectations that discerning men would have from a plastic comb. These are the real deal, and if you’re looking for a non-wooden beard comb, this pack is going to be your best bet. It might be a bit more than you’d imagine spending, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it.


  • Made from an attractive looking, and strong material and designed in a way that helps to stimulate your beard’s natural oils within the hair cuticles.
  • Helps to evenly spread additional beard oils that you may apply.
  • The soft and rounded teeth won’t damage your hair or snag it, and they make it easier to comb through with.
  • check-circle
    Unique saw-cut impression on each tooth helps to clean the air of any dust, debris, and encourages natural oils to condition the beard.


  • While the tortoiseshell material it’s made from does have a nice look to it, if you’re looking for something a little more rustic and are more included to choose a wooden comb, this one won’t hit the mark for you.

3. Best Everyday Carry

Striking Viking has an excellent wooden offering that hits some perfect notes but also falls short in some other areas. It folds so that it’s easy to carry around, but unlike some of the other combs we’ve featured, it doesn’t have different sets of teeth for different types of hair.

Versatile At Home And On The Go

Not only does it fold in half, but the updated version that’s currently available has a screw that connects to hold everything firmly in place. It comes with a carrying case, and folds up easily into your pocket for keeping with you on the go. There are other folding combs that have a different type of fastener that quickly loosens up and doesn’t hold in place at all, so this is the good version that you want.


This sandalwood beard comb is very well made, for starters, and the teeth, in particular, have a really good feel to them. This is important because with some cheaper wooden combs you can end up with little slivers sticking out that can yank out your hairs. That’s why it’s important to stick to highly-reviewed choices, it’s rarely worth it to skimp out when it comes to stuff like this since you’ll risk getting a subpar product that might even hurt you.

Striking Viking Folding Wood Comb

Made With Anti-Static Sandalwood

Have you ever gotten a static electric shock from a comb? It’s not the nicest thing to wake up, that’s for sure. The smooth well-crafted sandalwood that makes up the handle and the teeth of this comb won’t give you any shocking surprises, which is definitely a plus with most wooden combs, especially during those dry winter months.


  • Folds to fit easily in your pocket
  • It’s made from very smooth sandalwood which won’t attract static electricity.
  • It helps to spread naturally occurring oils throughout your scalp and hair.
  • check-circle
    You can use it for just your beard, or for your head too.


  • It only offers one size of teeth, so if you’re looking for something finer or a full comb that comes equipped with a different type of teeth on each side, you’re out of luck here.
  • If you aren’t specifically looking for a folding beard comb that you can take with you on the go, you can find better options that don’t fold.

4. Best in Dual Action


The Huntsman Beard Co Dual Action Beard Comb is made of polished sandalwood. It’s smooth, sturdy and the sandalwood’s essential oils benefit beard growth while unleashing a calming, masculine scent.


The carved beard comb is durable enough withstand what you put it through; it can handle combing thick, wiry beards on a daily basis for years on end without breaking a single tooth.


The dual sides have differently sized teeth so you can use the side that works best for you and your beard. If your beard is sensitive to humidity, you may find you need one side one day and the other the next, which is why a two-sided comb comes in handy.

Huntsman Beard Dual Action Beard Comb


The pleasant woody scent that comes from sandalwood is soothing yet masculine. Your wife or girlfriend definitely won’t mind kissing you after you’ve used this comb.

Makes a great gift

The Huntsman Beard Co comb coms with a faux leather sleeve and a very attractive, manly giftbox. If one of your bros has a beard, you can easily get two and give one as a gift.


  • Dual-sided
  • Polished sandalwood
  • Manly scent
  • Attractive sleeve and giftbox included
  • Static-free
  • Durable


  • This comb has very few issues, but one that it does have is that some models are delivered with warped teeth. This is more of a quality control issue and doesn’t affect the product when it’s properly made. If this issue happens to you, just contact customer service and they should resolve it.

5. Best in Wide Tooth


The Hair and Beard Comb by Huntsman Beard Co is made more in the vain of beard combs, but don’t let its appearance deceive you; it makes for an excellent beard comb.

Works well with beard care products

This is a beard comb that’s designed with your beard care products in mind. It’s great for evenly distributing beard oil and balm. Using your fingers is for amateurs; use a comb and your beard care will look so much better, thanks to the better treatment its receiving.


The comb has a good feel and weight to it; it’s easy to hold and the wood is smooth. Moreover, it doesn’t cause static like plastic combs do, so your hair will just look better. Treat your beard like a living creature that deserves pampering and comfort just as you do, and you will have one happy, awesome-looking beard.


This comb fits easily in your front jeans pocket. If you’re like most beardsmen, you want your beard to look its best at all times, which is why travel-ability is so important.

Huntsman Beard Hair and Beard Comb 


  • Comes with a giftbox, so it’s a great go-to gift for the bearded men in your life
  • Made with smooth, durable wood
  • Static-free
  • Compact and fits in pocket
  • Works for beard hair and head hair
  • Designed to maximize distribution of beard balm and hair oil


  • Like other combs in the Huntsman Beard Co brand, the main problem with this one is that a small number of the combs arrived warped from the factory. This is a quality control problem; however, it’s not a big deal, because they have great customer service, and they’re pretty good with resolving issues.

6. Best Travel Option


Since the phrase “pocket comb” is actually in the product name, you probably already guessed it’s compact, but just so you know how compact it truly is, the beard comb’s dimensions are: 10cm x 6cm, making it easy to fit in your pocket (again, as the name suggests), wallet or grooming kit.

High quality

Sturdy, durable and smooth to hold, the Green Sandalwood Pocket Comb is of good quality and doesn’t break easily, which is especially important if you have a thick, wild beast of a beard.

Green sandalwood

Green sandalwood is a type of sandalwood that already has a lot of color variation on its own; it can be yellow, green, brownish; it can have darker or lighter shades of each color has well. And green sandalwood can also change overtime; for instance, it can bleach when exposed to light. However, this isn’t considered a flaw. It’s part of green sandalwood’s unique character.

EQLEF Pocket Beard Comb


The Green Sandalwood Pocket Comb detangles your beard with ease and has a great feel in the hand—it’s ergonomic, with a little weight do it, which feels nice and sturdy.

Natural sandalwood scent

Green sandalwood has a softly classic sandalwood smell. It’s not overwhelming and makes you smell like the manly man you are.


  • Durable
  • Genuine green sandalwood
  • Natural color variations
  • Natural sandalwood scent
  • Comfortable to hold
  • High quality
  • Compact


  • Some say they feel like the teeth might break easily. This depends on the texture of your beard more than anything else. Guys with super thick, curly or wiry beards may want to look elsewhere, but unless you fall into that category, this comb will likely fit your needs.

7. Best Budget Option

Beard brush

The beard brush is made of bamboo with boar bristles. Bamboo is a wood known for being soft yet extremely durable, which is why you see more and more products being made of bamboo. Bonus: Bamboo is a fast-growing wood which means it’s good for the environment because new bamboo crops are constantly being replanted; also, there are no pesticides involved with bamboo farming so it’s biodegradable. As for boar bristles, they’re the gold standard for beard brushes.

Doubled-sided beard comb

The beard comb is double sided with small teeth on one side and large ones on the other for maximum versatility.

Bamboo comb

Like the brush, the comb is also made of bamboo. Bamboo is tough yet soft and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to using wood cut from trees in a forest. Deforestation is one of the biggest dangers to the environment which is why using bamboo verses standard wood is always the responsible choice whenever possible.

Grow a Beard Comb and Brush Set


Both the comb and beard brush can fit easily in your hand, making them easy to take with you on the road whether you’re a biker, a businessman or a roadie looking to keep his beard in top-shape on tour.

Made to last

The makers of the Beard Brush and Comb Set claim that their set can easily stand the test of time and will last forever. The back that will a 100% moneyback guarantee, stating that they will return “every penny” if you’re not satisfied.


  • 100% moneyback guarantee
  • A great gift for the beardsmen in your life
  • Using bamboo is environmentally responsible
  • Bamboo is biodegradable
  • Compact enough to travel
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Dual-sided comb
  • Comb and brush in one set is a great deal
  • Designed to last a lifetime


  • The main concern guys have with this set is that it’s not ideal for coarse hair, owing in part to the boar bristles not being 100% boar bristle but mixed with other bristle types. This isn’t much of an issue for guys with normal or fine hair, however.

Tips on how to choose the Best Option

There are a few things to consider when searching for the best beard comb for your needs; keep these things in mind:

  1. Check out what material the comb is made out of: Quality combs tend to be made of wood; the added benefit there is the essential oils, with the addition of sometimes they smell nice.
  2. Opt for a dual-sided comb: You’ll get more use out of it, especially if you have a curly beard or beard hair and head hair that are incredibly different in texture.
  3. Decide whether or not the comb should have a scent and, if so, how much: Different wooden combs have different scents. In general, a quality comb will smell like the wood it’s made out of, so the smell won’t be obnoxious or overpowering.
  4. Go for a compact beard comb: Not only will it do the work of a larger comb just fine, you can take it on the go. We’re a very mobile society today, so it’s just common sense.
  5. Consider the appearance of the beard comb: Make sure that you won’t be embarrassed to use it in front of other people, even your girlfriend, if necessary.
  6. The best beard comb is going to be sturdy, dual-sided with different comb teeth on each side for versatility, and ideally made of wood.

The Benefits of Beard Combs

The number one benefit of buying a beard comb is to remove tangles. Ask any long-haired lady and she will tell you tangles are the bane of her existence and, frankly, suck, and the same is true for men as well. In fact, depending on the hair texture of your beard, you might be incredibly prone to beard tangles even if you’re a guy with a luxurious mane of tangle-free metal-god hair. The hair on your beard isn’t necessarily going to be the same texture as the hair on your head, which is why a lot of men make the mistake of forgoing a beard comb and just letting nature take care of it. Tip: Nature isn’t going to take care of it. You have to put in the work, which is where a beard comb comes in.

Aside of removing tangles, beard combs are great for working beard oil or mustache wax through your facial hair. Some guys can easily do so with their fingertips, but for those with even slightly thick facial hair, you’re not going to get an even application if you don’t use a beard comb.

Some beard combs are made of woods that naturally exude beard-nourishing oils as well, so that’s something to consider if you feel like your beard needs an extra kick in the pants to be its best self.

What to Look For

The first thing to look for when buying a beard comb is to check out the teeth of the comb. The best beard combs tend to double-sidedded, with one side having a lot of small teeth that are packed slightly rather close together and the other side having larger teeth that are a bit further apart. This mixture not only accommodates pretty much every beard texture and hair diameter, but it also enables you to comb the hair on your head if you need a dual-purpose comb.

Also, consider size. It’s best to get a compact comb, something that you can stick in your pocket or wallet without any trouble. The reason for this is it’s important for bearded men to be well-groomed, especially if they work in a professional environment. If you’ve got a beard and you’ve walked to the office on a windy day, chances are you’re going to need to comb it through before you can walk in the door without being told to shave by your boss. Compact combs are also obviously easier to travel with, which is another pro in favor of compact combs.

Believe it or not, high-quality woods are a great material for beard combs, because they are naturally imbued with their own essential oils to further nourish your beard. Some of these oils may be beneficial towards hair growth; others may be simply moisturizing; others still have a light, pleasant scent that might freshen up your beard as the day progresses. When shopping for a wooden beard comb, pay close attention to what wood it’s made from and the qualities and properties of that wood, to ensure you get the best use out of the comb.

On the note of wooden combs, any comb that is made of a natural material should be able to stand up to beard oils and your hairs own oils. If the comb doesn’t hold up, it may be counterfeit. (i.e. It’s not made out of the wood type it’s supposed to be or its processed in a cheap way that denigrates the integrity of the comb.) The best beard comb is one that holds up to the test of time. Some changes are natural and will likely be noted by the manufacturer. (Such as some woods change color with use or when bleached by the sun.) Natural changes tend to be benign and happen slowly; dramatic quick changes are a warning sign, so keep that tip in mind when you’re on the hunt for your ideal beard comb.

It’s okay for a beard comb to apply slight pressure to the underlying skin, just like a quality hair comb might. However, a good beard comb isn’t going to break the skin. That should be obvious, but it’s worth pointing out. If you ever read product reviews and one or two people point out this issue, it probably means that particular comb is defective and not the whole brand of combs. But if a large quantity of people have this issue, look elsewhere. Any skin abrasions under your beard could be a nesting ground for unfriendly, opportunistic bacteria.

Finally, it’s always a plus if a beard comb has attractive aesthetics. Remember, if you’re carrying it on the go, there may be a chance someone other than you will see it. In that case, you need to decide if you care about making a presentation to the world, and if so, what you want that presentation to be. If aesthetics are important to you and you’ll be using it on the go, it’s worth it to go for an attractive comb, because you’ll be more likely to actually use it.

Wrapping Things Up

Ultimately, the winner of the best beard comb roundup is the DREAM BEAR 100% Handmade Green Sandalwood Comb. The fact that it’s handmade is a big selling point, while green sandalwood is a great choice for a beard comb material because of its soft yet durable nature, as well as the essential oils it infuses your beard with to promote growth and give you a feeling of calm. The scent is also masculine to boot, so you don’t have to worry about it being a problem. Furthermore, this beard comb has the right combination of being compact yet durable. The gift box looks fit for the bearded kings of yore like Henry VIII and Charlemagne, which pushes it over the top, adding the value of being a great gift to its already impressive qualities.


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