Best Beard Growth Vitamins of 2019: Do They Work?

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Growing a beard has always been a rite of passage, signifying that the boy has become a man. The acceptability of growing a beard has come and gone over the centuries, but as of 2018, beards are not only commonplace and acceptable, they’re cool. Guys are growing beards left and right and looking darn good while doing it. After all, beards aren’t just a masculine grooming statement, they can really enhance the features you like about your face and disguise the ones you don’t, making for a handsome appearance in general, and what guy doesn’t what that? The problem with beards, though, is that they can be tough to grow, that’s why we reviewed the best beard growth products on the market. Some of that depends on age, genetics, health and other factors that are easily pinpointed. However, there are loads of healthy guys out there in the prime of their lives who struggle to grow thick, full beards. Often, the problem is a nutrient deficiency which is why beard vitamins have become a popular, safe and effective way to promote quality beard growth.





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The Best Beard Growth Vitamins

1. Best Overall Pick

Thirty-day supply

Each Beard Growther Vitamins bottle comes with 90 tablets. If you take the product at the recommended dose of three times a day, it will last you a solid thirty days, which makes it a pretty convenient supplement, since you won’t have buy it more than once a month.

Made in America

While supplements made in the United States aren’t subject to FDA regulation, just as foreign-made supplements aren’t, there are a few benefits of buying a supplement made in the good ol’ US of A. For starters, by law, American manufacturers can’t sell you a product they know is dangerous when used as its intended. This law is also what protects you from things like shaving cream that burns your skin, for instance, so it’s pretty handy to have as a safety net. Also, if you live in the USA, you’re supporting your country’s manufacturing industry, and that support doesn’t go unnoticed by factory workers around the country who love their jobs and work every day to revitalize manufacturing in America.

Beard Growther Vitamins

Rich in micro-nutrients

This supplement is one of the best beard vitamins when it comes to tackling beard growth issues from every possible angle. It’s packed with a plethora of beard-growing vitamins and minerals, like biotin and zinc, to amp up your beard growth and ensure you grow the full, thick beard you want and deserve. Moreover, it contains a lot of B vitamins which are great for cellular energy production, meaning you’ll have more bounce in your step, upping the confidence boost you’ll get when your beast of a beard grows in.

Quick results

If you use Beard Growther Vitamins on a regular basis, you will see results in one to two months. Some people see results in a couple of weeks. Essentially, it depends on how vitamin-deficient you were when you started out, plus other factors like health and genetics. But any way you slice it, dedicated use will get you results.


  • Made in the USA: Most American manufacturers strive for quality in their products because even though supplements aren’t subject to the strict FDA regulations of prescription medications, they’re still not allowed to sell anything that’s dangerous when used as directed and are bound by law to not sell adulterated products.
  • Supports hair growth and regrowth
  • Rich in many essential vitamins and nutrients, allowing it to double as a multivitamin


  • Contains betaine hydrochloride: While this ingredient is generally safe for most, you should never take it if you have a history of stomach ulcers or an overly acidic stomach, as it could worsen these problems. However, remember that betaine hydrochloride is regarded as safe for people who aren’t in these risk categories; also, always talk with your doctor if you ever have any questions about ingredient safety

2. Runner Up Supplement


Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement is made with only nonhormonal ingredients. Unregulated, non-doctor-approved hormone supplements can have nasty side effects. Moreover, most men with patchy beard growth don’t even need hormone therapy, so it wouldn’t be a good fit for them anyway, since vitamin deficiency is usually to blame. That’s why Beard Grow XL uses vitamins and other nonhormonal supplementary ingredients to promote fuller, better beards, because it’s safe and effective.


Beard Grow XL uses vitamins A, C, E as well as a plethora of B vitamins, including biotin and B12 among others, to tackle any vitamin deficiencies head-on, since they’re the most common cause of hair loss in healthy people, including thinning beard hair in healthy men with normal hormone levels. You can find these combinations of micro-nutrients in the form of beard growth sprays, if you are like us you may prefer the application that way instead. 

Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a type of fruit that’s used as a natural supplement to treat a variety of conditions, like migraine issues and asthma. However, one of its most popular uses it to treat thinning hair; saw palmetto can help your beard hair grow in thicker with an overall healthier look to it. It’s also used as an aphrodisiac, although seeing your new, thick beard might be all the aphrodisiac she needs to get in the mood.

Horsetail extract

Horsetail extract is an herb that is mainly used to treat fluid retention, however, improving the quality of hair growth and fingernail growth (which goes hand-in-hand with hair growth) is one of its top uses.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Out of all the non-micronutrient ingredients in Beard Grow XL, MSM is perhaps the one with the widest range of applications. Naturally, hair growth is one of them. It’s also used to combat things like inflammation and allergies, which are two medical conditions that can potentially cause hair to fall out. Obviously, if your main cause of hair loss is a bona fide medical condition, your doctor will prescribe you more powerful medical treatments, but MSM is a commonly used supplement for people with mild general inflammation not related to a specific disease. Calming down your autoimmune system can reduce hair loss because it takes less stress away from the body as well as improves health so your body can put its energy toward hair regrowth.


  • Comes with a bevy of B vitamins to promote hair growth and better cellular energy
  • Vitamins A, C and E also work to improve hair growth
  • Contains horsetail extract, MSM and saw palmetto—all of which have long been touted as having the ability to regrow hair and improve thin, poor quality hair. Because of these extra supplements, this makes Beard Grow XL one of the best beard vitamins for men who are looking for a supplement that has additional ingredients that aren’t micro-nutrients.


  • Horsetail extract can interact with lithium. Also, its diuretic effects could be bad for people who have low potassium or are easily dehydrated. That said, horsetail extract is considered pretty safe for healthy people and if you have any questions about it, just consult your doctor or a pharmacist.
  • Saw palmetto slows blood clotting, so you will want to ask your doctor if you have any issues with blood clotting or if you take a blood thinner or are about to have surgery.
  • Also, saw palmetto decreases estrogen (along with interacting with estrogen medications), so it’s especially bad for women on birth control (it can cause birth control failure) or those who are breast feeding. Mainly, this warning is so you don’t share with your wife or girlfriend who may be looking to grow fuller hair on her head.


Vimulti Beard Growth and Hair Loss Treatment is rich in the most important vitamins minerals for treating hair loss and patchy beards, including: B vitamins (including the super-important biotin), zinc, selenium; also, vitamins C and E. This more than covers the nutritional-deficiency bases. Remember: The best beard vitamins are always rich in the top pro-hair growth micronutrients.

High in biotin

Biotin is one of the most—if not the most—important micronutrient when it comes to growing thicker hair. It’s so renowned for hair thickening that it’s one of the main supplements recommended by hair stylists for returning thin hair to its former glory. Vimulti contains 5000mcg which is more than 1600% of your daily recommended value, ensuring that you get all the biotin boost you need for a lush beard.

Gogi berries

Gogi berries are not only an antioxidant-rich snack, they have the ability to promote hair regrowth. So, not only does Vimulti’s inclusion of gogi berries help your hair grow, it also helps your whole body feel better.

Vimulti Beard Growth

Amla fruit extract

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a fruit that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat hair loss and improve hair quality. What’s unique about amla is that it improves the follicle, literally protecting your roots from damage caused by age and environmental pollutants. In fact, amla is used as an anti-aging treatment in Ayurveda, because its benefits are so powerful.


  • Made in the USA: By buying a US-made beard vitamin, you’re not only supporting much-needed factory jobs in America, you’re buying a product that holds up to high American purity standards. American customers are picky and demand top quality, which means American companies are less likely to cut corners or use unsafe or impure ingredients.
  • Vimulti Beard Growth and Hair Loss Treatment is made in an FDA-approved lab, which makes them a lot safer than inferior products that often produce their vitamins in less-than-safe conditions.
  • Vimulti stands by their product and will take it back no questions asked if you don’t see results.


  • Contains hydrolyzed keratin: Keratin proteins make up hair, however taking keratin internally won’t make you produce hair; it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s worth noting.
  • Contains bladderwrack powder: Bladderwrack can have too much iodine (making it bad for your thyroid) and can also contain arsenic (which can cause hair loss). Ask your doc or pharmacist about risks verses benefits.
  • Contains several herbs that may have negative side effects: While the herbs in the ingredients list are all well-known to promote hair growth, some of them interact with medications or can cause liver damage. It’s important to know that any herbal supplement or prescription medication can have side effects, so the best thing to do is discuss ingredients with a doctor or pharmacist.

4. Best Biotin Supplement

High in biotin

HairAnew has a whopping 5000mcg of biotin in each capsule, meaning if you have a biotin deficiency that’s causing you to have hair loss or poor quality, weak hair, then HairAnew has you covered with its ultra-biotin-rich formula.

Can be used by men and women

Since HairAnew can be used by both men as well as women, men looking to grow better beards can share their supplement with their partner, saving time and your budget. Not only will her hair look amazing, she’ll be able to grow the long, sexy fingernails she’s always dreamed of. The fact that HairAnew can be used for both genders easily makes this the best beard growth vitamin for couples who wish to share a supplement without having potential negative side effects for the female partner.

Independently tested for quality and safety

HairAnew voluntarily subjects itself to independent lab testing to make sure it has the right amount of micronutrients per their formula; also, the lab testing confirms that their product is free of contaminants like toxins and heavy metals which are often found in inferior, unregulated, untested products.

Contains inositol

Inositol is a great and often-overlooked treatment for hair loss and hair thinning, which is a shame because it has amazing benefits for your hair follicles. The short version is that it ensures your follicles get the nutrients they need to be healthy so that they can grow thicker, higher quality hair, which will do wonders for beard growth.

Bamboo extract

The bamboo extract helps your body produce collagen because it contains naturally-occurring silica. Collagen is crucial for healthy skin. Think about this: If your face skin isn’t healthy, how can it grow and maintain a healthy beard? It can’t. That’s why ensuring you have enough collagen production is crucial for beard growth. With adequate collagen production, not only will your skin look visibly younger, your beard will be full and manly.


  • Made in the USA, ensuring product quality and promoting American job growth.
  • Independently tested for quality and purity
  • Moneyback guarantee if things don’t work out
  • For men and women, so couples can share the product.
  • Contains bamboo extract, supporting healthy skin as a healthy base for beard growth
  • High in biotin, which is the most important ingredient in any beard supplement


  • Contains ginkgo biloba extract: While ginkgo biloba is generally safe for most people, it interacts with some medications that are processed by the liver. The medicines affected range from antidepressants to antipsychotics to proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) to sedatives to over the counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Some side effects are mild; others aren’t. Discuss your ginkgo biloba usage with your doc or pharmacist to be safe.

5. Best Lifetime Guarantee

High in biotin and other B vitamins

This beard vitamin features a heaping 5000mcg of biotin for full-on hair and beard growth support. Furthermore, it also features healthy doses of all the other B vitamins, which means it tackles your potential B vitamin deficiency from every angle.


L-cysteine is an amino acid, which are the building blocks of protein, which are the building blocks of hair. Furthermore, some studies show it may be a treatment for preventing hair pulling which can be a subconscious habit or actual trichotillomania. Pulling at hair can obviously make it come out, but it could make the follicles scar overtime, causing them to never produce hair again, so naturally, anything that prevents hair pulling promotes healthier hair.

Hair and Beard Growth Support by Smooth Viking Beard Care


PABA is a building block of folic acid. In supplement form, it can not only help you regrow hair and beard hair, but it is also thought to be able to turn hair back to its original pigment, meaning it has the potential to naturally reduce grey hair.


Choline keeps your hair healthy by keeping your skin healthy. Remember, healthy hair and skin often go together. If you want a healthy beard, you have to have healthy skin, just like a plant needs good soil to thrive.


  • Rich in biotin and B vitamins
  • Rich in pro-skin and pro-hair nutrients
  • Uses only natural ingredients


  • Contains saw palmetto and horsetail extract: As always, discuss herbs with your doc or pharmacist. While these are generally safe for most, it’s a good idea to be sure they’re right for you.

What to look for when buying beard vitamins

The number one hair growth micro-nutrient for both men and women alike is biotin, which is why it’s crucial that biotin be one of the ingredients in the beard vitamin you ultimately choose. That said, don’t go crazy on biotin or any other vitamin, for that matter. Vitamins only work like they’re supposed to if you take them in the right amount. If you take them in excess, they’re poison and can cause your body to metaphorically fall apart in all sorts of ways, ranging from the severe like liver damage and death to the annoying but less dangerous orange skin and more. While biotin is one of the safest vitamins, it’s still smart to not go crazy. The daily recommended dose of biotin is 2.5mg, which is generally considered sufficient for hair growth and regrowth, so going super overboard probably won’t do much good, since you’ll likely just pee it out, if we’re being honest here.

Iron is also an important nutrient for hair growth, because iron deficiency can cause hair to fall out or thin. However, with iron, it is absolutely crucial you do not exceed the upper intake of 45mg per day, because it could actually kill you. In fact, taking more than 25mg of iron a day can cause negative side effects for your stomach and bathroom habits as well as reducing your zinc absorption. As most men know, zinc is particularly crucial to male reproductive health. Because it’s absolutely vital you meet that perfect equilibrium of enough iron to grow hair without making yourself sick, go for quality brands, because those tend to be safer and have responsible dosages and dosing instructions.

There are loads of other vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth like Vitamin C and selenium, among others, which is why some of the best beard vitamins out there can double as a multivitamin, because they tackle the hair growth issue from every angle, which benefits your total body health.

Tips on how to choose the best beard vitamins for your needs

Always go for a brand you have confidence in. Too many vitamins, you get sick (or dead); not enough vitamins, and you’re basically taking a placebo. Furthermore, quality brands tend to have purer ingredients with less quality control issues. Basically, you want a vitamin that has the right stuff, in the right amounts, without adding unneeded or even harmful ingredients in the process, which is why it’s important to read reviews and learn about the products you’re looking at.

Another tip is deciding whether you just want to target hair growth alone or do you want a comprehensive beard vitamin that will also double as a multivitamin. Either choice is okay, and basically comes down to personal preference.

Finally, opt for a brand that’s transparent about their ingredients. They should be able to confidently list what’s in their product so that you, the consumer, can make an informed choice. Beware of any shady outlets that basically want to sell you a mystery potion.


The ultimate winner of this roundup is Beard Growther Vitamins. The reason it wins is because it tackles the number one cause of hair and beard loss in healthy men: vitamin deficiency. And it does so without adding costly or unsafe ingredients that aren’t scientifically proven. As a bonus, it is rich enough in vitamins and minerals to double as a multivitamin, which makes it a better overall value.

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