Best DOVO Straight Razors: Just Like the Barbers!

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Whether you’re a barber or just an average guy who has to shave from time to time, straight razors have most likely peaked your interest at some point.  As far as straight razors go, DOVO Solingen makes some of the greatest straight razors out there.  DOVO is an independent German company that has a knack for creating high-quality steel masterpieces.

They’ve been around for some time now, and their straight razors are highly respected around the world.  If you’re in the market for an amazing straight razor, DOVO is an obvious choice to try out. Our top pick is the Dovo Straight razor carbon, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options.

We’ve done our best to look over the range of DOVO straight razors out there and compiled a top five list of what we believe are the best of the best.  It was tough looking over all that they have to offer and deciding how to order these, but nonetheless, we’ve accomplished it.  Without further ado, here is a list of what we believe are the top 5 DOVO razors. If you’re looking for the complete package for straight razors you can check out our straight razor shaving kits reviews.

The Best DOVO Straight Razors 

Let's check out the current top rated DOVO straight razors of 2019:

1. Best DOVO Overall

It’s not often that you find a straight razor which strikes lighting when you grip it in the palm of your hand, but the “Silver Steel Ebenholz” manages to elicit that reaction.  With a professional appearance and steel that sparkles when the light hits it, you can’t help but feel like you are holding something truly special.  This is a blade that reeks of high-quality and is great for professionals and beginners alike.  It’s our top pick as far as DOVO razors come, and we feel our decision to put it at the #1 spot is highly warranted for several key reasons.

When you first look at this razor, you’ll first notice its elegant design.  Its two-tone color and engravings wrought with golden outlines make it a thing of beauty.  Anyone who sees it will instantly be mesmerized simply by how amazing it looks.  This is no normal razor.  It can serve as a conversation piece as well as a highly functional tool.  It’s something you’ll want to show off to your friends, as keeping it all to yourself would be unsatisfying.  It tells people you’re serious about shaving enough to the point of taking that extra step to buying into something on the high end.

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony

More specifically, it features an ebony wood handle that is remarkable in all aspects.  It gives this straight razor a more classic look as compared to others which are made completely of steel.  The contrast between the ebony and silver blade really adds to the allure of the razor.  The handle features a 24-karat golden plaque with the Ebenholz logo on it.  The blade itself features engravings to let you know it’s made by DOVO and writings which indicate that the blade is made of steel.  Additionally, it has golden accents along the top edge as well as around the writing on the blade.  It’s the designs on this blade that really make it shine both figuratively and literally. Pair this with a shaving brush and some lather for a killer shave.

On the technical side of things, this straight razor is 6 ¼” closed with a ⅝” round point.  The blade is 3” long, giving you plenty of space to do your work.  DOVO has really put time and effort into this razor, and it really shows.  Anyone looking for an elegant straight razor that is to die for will find this one an excellent choice. 

This is the line in the sand where performance and budgetary concerns converge.  For those who already own the “Silver Steel Ebenholz,” this is a solid spare piece that lets lightning strike in that same place.  Opening the blade is like uncaging a wild animal; it looks tame on the outside but is deadly on the inside.  If you ever doubted what it is capable of, it will make you think again.  This straight razor is for the modest man who still requires the signature quality that DOVO Solingen is renowned for. 

Don’t be mistaken – this is a DOVO razor at its fullest.  Subtle sacrifices have been made to “shave” off the price of this straight razor, but it is nothing that will affect the quality of the blade itself.  This one is very similar to the “Silver Steel Ebenholz” without having all of the glamorous embellishments.  In this regard, it’s not as much of a showcase item as it is a practical tool. Pair this with any of the shaving soaps we reviewed and you will have an awesome experience. 

It features a plastic ebony handle which is sturdy and sure to last a long time.  Because it is plastic, you don’t have to worry as much about cleaning as compared to wooden handles.  The blade contains an engraving indicating the brand name and writing on its midsection to prove its authenticity.  All of these aspects mold together to add to its luster without appearing gaudy.  

Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8" Straight Razor

Closed, the entire razor measures to 6 ¼.”  It has a ⅝” round point that is perfect for those sensitive to knicking accidents.  There is nothing disappointing about this straight razor; however, it does lack the eye candy of others.  This is why we’ve placed it at the #2 spot.

The best surprises sometimes lurk in the shadows and pop out to surprise you at the most unexpected times.  The Diamant has this tactic down to a tee.  It is the dark knight of DOVO straight razors.  It gives the first impression that those who favor a more sinister shade would be drawn to, for it’s colored in black and dark brown tones.  It’s a blade that’s ready to strike at any time, and those who choose to wield it are sure to be pleased.

The first detail of this straight razor that will stick out to you is its bold appearance.  It’s radically different from the many razors that are wrought with silver.  This is a good thing, as if you own the Diamant, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.  It will feel smooth, sheik, and light in your hands; you’ll realize this is what a premium item really feels like.

Out of the box, your eyes will be drawn to this razor’s black blade.  This is one of the key elements of its appearance that sets it apart from other razors, as most are used to silver.  The blade features DOVO lettering with a more classic font that gives it a more vintage look; it looks wonderful  The olivewood handle is just as appealing, and this mixed with the black blade equal up to a very unique looking straight razor.

Dovo "Diamant" Straight Razor

Like other DOVO razors, it has a ⅝” round point and is the same size as the razors we have previously mentioned.  This is an amazing razor, but it’s #3 on our list because you’ll either love or hate the way it looks.  It’s a do or die blade; the price is quite a bit higher than others with only its bold appearance to offer.  In any case, you can still expect excellent DOVO quality from it whether you like how it looks or not.

Personal preference plays a huge role as to whether you wholly enjoy a straight razor or not.  The DOVO razor blades are pretty similar in terms of what they can accomplish, but the handles are very distinct.  This DOVO straight razor is almost an exact replica of our #2 pick (except for that it is half hollow); however, the handle is of a slightly lower quality.  Does that mean this is a bad razor?  Not at all.  Again, personal preference plays a huge role here.  You’ll have to decide what you think is best for you.

Since we’ve already described the DOVO Carbon Steel with the Ebony Plastic Handle, there is really no point in doing it all over again.  The look and blade quality of them is pretty much the same.   It’s more important to talk about the two handles of these straight razors and the quality of the plastic used to make them.  While our #2 pick is made of standard plastic, this one is made of celluloid. 

Celluloid is a subgroup of plastic that is highly flammable and less durable.  In case you aren’t familiar with this material, ping pong balls, dolls, jewelry, and even some musical instrument parts are made from celluloid.  Because straight razors are not used around fire, its flammability is not an issue.  The flaw in celluloid is that as it ages, it deteriorates and can become brittle. 

DOVO Straight Razor Black Folding Knife

Depending on whether you plan on trying to use this razor for the rest of your life or not, the celluloid handle may or may not be an issue.  Wood and even plastic can last a lifetime, but the smoothness of this razor’s handle will be reduced over time.  Because the longevity of this straight razor’s handle is not quite as up to par as others made by DOVO, we’ve ranked it at #4.  This straight razor is great, but its weaker handle brings it down just a notch.

5. Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor

There is nothing wrong with choosing substance over style.  DOVO has a lot of highly fashionable razors to offer, and at the bottom end, there has to be a cutoff point.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, this straight razor might look familiar to you.  Todd’s razors of choice are an iconic pair of silver straight razors that “glisten,” and this is exactly what you get with this silver shavette that bears a satin finish.  It is one of the lowest-priced razors put out by DOVO, but don’t let the price fool you.  There is nothing underwhelming about it.

This is the straight razor for those who have never used one before and wants to get into the game.  Any cheaper than this, and you’re looking at buying a disposable razor.  Yet, what is the fun in that?  You miss out on what the real experience of having a true straight razor is like.  This shavette lets you have that experience.

The appearance of this razor is very basic compared to the other ones mentioned here in this article.  With this shavette, you get a simple coat of silver with a satin finish.  It’s simplistic and beautiful in its own way.  Anyone who sees you using it will definitely be impressed, as this is what most people imagine when they think of a straight razor. 

If you just need a basic straight razor, this is definitely the choice to make.  It will hold a variety of blades, and in that regard, it can last you a lifetime.  It doesn’t have all the glamour of other more pricey razors, but it gets the job done and does it well.  We’ve placed this at #5 on our list because of its lack of defining character, yet it is still a great DOVO. 

Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor


As we mentioned before, it was tough coming up with an order for these razors.  They are all great in their own way, and personal preference plays a big role in which one is right for you.  Hopefully, this guide has educated you on both the DOVO brand and just a few of the great products they make.  May you be well on your way to choosing the straight razor that fits your hand and gives you the shave of perfection. To go with your straight razor, consider buying a shaving scuttle and a decent lather for the perfect shave.


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