Best Safety Razor Shaving Kits: Barber Quality Grooming!

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If you miss the close, smooth shave, you got in a barber shop, or wish you had been alive to experience that, a safety razor shaving kit might be what you need.

As a general guide, we believe the Royal Shave Kit is the best option. If you want to see the other options then, by all means, read on!

Safety razors offer a shave that is unlike anything you can get from grocery store razors. Though most people tend to stick with repeatedly buying single razors and have an eclectic collection of the accessories to assist their shaving process, you may want to consider a switch to purchasing kits.


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The Best Safety Razor Shaving Kits

Let's check out the best safety razor kits of 2019:

1. Best Overall Safety Razor Kit

Next Level Quality At An Attainable Price

Royal Shave has hit it out of the park with this high-quality shaving set that comes with everything you need to keep your facial hair on point, and to feel like a king while doing so.

Granted, the price might still feel like a lot if you’re used to buying gas station razor blades but one thing is for sure – this is the type of set that’ll basically last you for as long as you’ll last. If you’re the type of guy who takes his beard seriously, then you’ll want to equip yourself with serious tools.

From the sturdy and heavy razor itself to the elegant looking stand, the gorgeous and effective shaving brush, the ceramic bowl, and the included soap – this is all top shelf stuff.

Royal Shave isn’t one of those 200-year-old brands with a storied history, in fact, they’ve only been around just over a decade, but they’re coming out of the gates hot, already establishing themselves as a purveyor of luxury barber shop quality goods that you can enjoy at home.

Royal Shave Black & Chrome Set

Carefully Crafted

Experience the German quality of the Merkur 20C safety razor, equipped with a long handle to give you absolute control to achieve your vision. Whatever look you’re going for, having the right tools is crucial. Whether you like to trim certain areas to style a beard, or you’re looking for a clean-shave – we won’t judge – and neither will this set.

Everything You Need

This shaving kit comes with everything you need. It’s not just about having the best razor, the best blades, or even a luxurious-feeling product – you’ll want a good soap to go with it, and that’s what rounds off this excellent package.


  • Beautifully crafted, it’s the type of set that you’ll want to pass down to your kid someday. 
  • It’s heavy, durable, and just feels great in your hand.
  • It comes with blades, and an excellent shaving soap that will complete the puzzle of finding that perfect shave.


  • It’s more expensive than a lot of the other options, but you get what you pay for. If it’s in your budget, and you’re looking for something stellar, this is it.

2. ​Best Value

A smooth shave is not just about the razor. To get the best, closest shave possible, you need a great shaving soap, a brush, and a perfect blade. The Merkur gift set includes all of this plus a bowl for a perfect latherand a stand for both the brush and the razor. It’s truly an all-in-one kit that will keep your face smooth without irritation.

Merkur has become the name in safety razors for a reason. German crafting and durable handles make these razors top-of-the-line for anyone looking for the perfect shave. This safety razor gift set comes with the Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor, one of the brand’s most popular handles. Looking for just a merkur safety razor? Check out our reviews. 

With a long, chrome-plated handle and bar-type guard, this handle is built to impress. The full set comes with matching chrome-plating for ultimate sophistication. Because Merkur has been making high-quality razors for over a century, you can be sure that your handle (and the blades) will last.

Of course, the safety razor isn’t the only important part of this kit. The Badger Brush and shaving soap offer a luxurious lather. The stand holds both the brush and the razor, keeping them both at their finest.

Merkur Gift Safety Razor Shaving Set

Users can’t say enough great things about the Merkur safety razor gift set. One military man with a thick beard wrote, “It’s the closest shave I’ve ever had and doesn’t leave razor burn.” Another review said this was the only razor that could impress her WWII veteran grandfather who prides himself in a clean-shaven face.

The full set comes ready to gift to the perfect gentleman in your life. Just wrap the beautiful box it comes in, and you’re ready to give him the shave of his life.

The Merkur Shaving Kit Gift Set takes our number one spot due to the company’s history of high quality, the completeness of the set, and the sophisticated style.


  • Full set with everything you need
  • High-quality blade built to last
  • Stand holds brush and razor


  • None

3. Best from Parker 

Parker Quality

This safety razor shave set is an excellent choice for somebody who wants something above average, without breaking the bank. It’s not the absolute nicest one on our list, but it’s not one the budget options either. It fills an important space in between. It would be doing this product a disservice to consider it middle-of-the-road since it sits comfortably in the higher end, it’s just more in the middle of the higher-end rather than the absolute peak.

Every piece of this kit, from the Parker 100% Badger bristle brush to the Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor with a 4-inch handle, to the sturdy chrome stand, looks and feels great. This kit could be the last one you ever buy if you take care of it.

Function Above All Else

Before we fawn over the appearance and feel of this product too much, let’s get something out of the way… it works flawlessly.

Parker 96R Safety Razor Kit

A quality razor is a crucial part of a great shave, but a perfect brush is something you’ll treasure. This set comes with a brush made from 100% badger, it feels great on the skin and does its job flawlessly. The brush may feel a bit stiff on your first couple of shaves, but it’ll soon soften up.

Timeless Looks

This set wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional barbershop, nor next to the granite sink in a trendy condo. The black and chrome style can fit in just about anywhere. It’s just got a great look to it, frankly, it looks and feels a lot more expensive than it costs.


  • A solid daily-shaver from a reputable brand.
  • A great entry-point for somebody who is looking for a top tier barbershop-close shave.
  • This razor has a really good feel in the hand, it’s well-weighted and you have an important sense of stability and control while using it. 


  • Doesn’t include any extras such as a shaving bowl or soap, so it doesn’t come complete with everything you need. 

4. Best High-End Option

Who says safety razors have to be a thing of days gone by? Bevel has taken the benefits of safety razors and revolutionized it for the modern man. If you’re ready for clinically-proven greatness, this Bevel shaving kit is for you.

The Bevel Shave System Kit works, unlike anything you’ve used before. It includes 5 items proven to reduce irritation while providing a close shave:

1. Razor and blades 2. Badger brush 3. Priming oil 4. Shave cream 5. Restoring balm

This kit is truly a starter kit. Just open it up and get ready to shave more comfortably than ever before. The Bevel safety razor has been re-engineered to take shaving to the next level. You can finally leave irritation, bumps, and cuts behind you. By leaving the hair underneath the skin untouched, the Bevel razor won’t cause skin irritation like other razors. The Bevel badger brush helps you in three distinct ways. First, it helps you create a moisturizing lather to protect your skin. Secondly, the brush quickly lifts your hair to coat your face fully. Finally, the Bevel brush provides gentle exfoliation for smoother skin. Though underrated, brushes are an excellent way to get the best shave possible. It’s worth the extra time.

Bevel Safety Razor Shave Set

The first step in your Bevel shave is to apply the priming oil. This specially designed oil will arm your skin against bumps and nicks that can occur while shaving.

Sometimes shaving can dry out skin. That’s why Bevel created a shaving cream that includes aloe vera. Use your badger brush to whip up this cream for a luxurious shave.

After your shave, make sure to apply the Bevel Restoring Balm. Unlike some aftershave products, this lotion will moisturize your skin without any sting.

Interestingly, women enjoy this product as well. One reviewer said that she uses the lather on sensitive areas, such as armpits, to avoid irritation. This is a shaving kit that anyone can appreciate!


  • 3 Hydrating skin products
  • Non-irritating blade and razor
  • Clinically proven to reduce irritation


  • No stand for the razor

5. Best Gift

The GBS 5 Piece Men’s Shaving Set is the perfect gift for a man looking for a better shave. With a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, it’s sure to be a hit with any gentleman. Each of the 5 pieces are uniquely designed for a close and bump-free shave.

The last thing you want during your wet shave is a handle that’s difficult to grip. That’s why GBS designed this safety razor handle with texture. It’s easy to grip – even with wet hands. The razor is also crafted to made replacing the blades a cinch. The twist-to-open (or butterfly open) design makes switching blades easier than ever.

This safety razor kit comes with 10 double edge razor blades. That’s another reason why this kit is a great gift. The gentleman in your life will have high-quality blades for a long time!

Like the razor handle, the pure badger brush is designed to fit nicely into your hands. The bristles make a rich lather and coat your face without any scratching. It’s perfect for a lavish wet shave!

While some ceramic bowls may not last long, the bowl in this kit is built to last. Whether you choose to use the soap in this kit or another popular soap, this mirror-look bowl will perfectly fit your favorite soap. The driftwood soap that comes in this kit makes a perfect lather that won’t leave bumps and nicks.

GBS 5 Piece Men's Safety Razor Kit

The stand keeps your brush and razor dry between shaves while looking nice. Altogether, this shaving kit fits in well with any bathroom decor. One reviewer wrote, “Apart from being a great shaving kit, this decorates my bathroom very well.”

The GBS 5 Piece Men’s Shaving Set makes a great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays and more.


  • Comes with 10 blades
  • Perfect gift for beginners
  • High Quality


  • None

6. Best Kit for Beginners

This one is for the traveling man who wants a great shave anywhere. The Bigfoot Shaves kit is complete with a safety razor, blades, and bonus travel kit. The travel kit includes extra blades. Just pick up and go; the perfect shave is waiting.

Bigfoot Shaves uses high-quality steel in their blades for maximum durability. In fact, this safety razor handle is built to last a lifetime. No more broken, rusted, or just-plain-bad handles. Buy Bigfoot Shaves once, and you’ll always have a solid handle.
Perfect for wet shaving, the handle is textured for easy grip, Even with wet hands, you can get a close shave without slipping and hurting yourself. When you’re ready to replace the blade, simply unscrew the razor handle and slip in the double edge blade.

Bigfoot Shaves blades are sharp and long-lasting. They will save you money over cheap, multi-blade disposable razors while providing a better shave. It’s time to return to the classic way of shaving!

Great razors shouldn’t be only for home. Take your Bigfoot Shaves razor with you and keep it protected with the included travel kit.

Bigfoot 3 Piece Safety Razor Kit

This razor is ideal for both men and women. No matter what part of the body you need to shave, this safety razor will provide the smoothest, closest shave imaginable. One user even called it, “a must buy for men AND women!”


  • For men and women
  • Handle built to last a lifetime
  • Included travel kit


  • Does not include brush or cream

7. Best Budget Pick

For the price, the Perfecto Deluxe Shaving Kit simply cannot be beaten. It’s difficult to find such high-quality razors and brushes at such a low price point. There’s nothing “cheap” about the way this razor feels and functions.

This deluxe safety razor kit includes:

  • Perfecto chrome plated handle
  • Perfecto double edge safety razor blade
  • 100% pure badger shaving brush
  • Perfecto chrome razor and brush stand

This is perfect for someone who is curious about wet shaving, but not sure if it’s for them. After using these products, you’ll never want to go back. Why? Because you will discover the close shave that only double edge razors can bring. And with less irritation than disposables!

Perfecto Deluxe Safety Razor Shaving Set

As with other handles on this list, the Perfecto safety razor handle is textured to allow for a secure grip. This is important for first-timers who may slip. The blades are heavily chrome plated. This allows for a close shave without skin irritation.

The badger brush gently exfoliates, lathers, and opens pores for a smooth glide of the blade. Use with your favorite lathering soap for the perfect shave every time.
Hang your brush and razor up on the sturdy stand after your shave. The stand will allow both items to remain dry, keeping them protected. The Perfecto stand is expertly weighted and has rubber on the bottom to keep it in place no matter how wet your countertop gets.

Finally, this set just looks good! It is the perfect addition to any bathroom.


  • High quality
  • Budget Friendly


  • Doesn't come with a lather puck or bowl

Why Should You Buy a Kit?

The gentleman’s style is coming back around, which leaves consumers with many choices on safety razor kits. Instead of buying each different tool for the best shaving experience separately, getting them in one combined package provides you the peace of mind about each product. You already know they complement each other, and now you don’t have to go and hunt down the rest of what you need. It is also an excellent choice for traveling because a kit is easier to pack, carry around, and use on the go rather than having to cram in separate containers that are bulky, heavy, and take up valuable space. You’ll also probably save some money on buying a kit rather than each accessory separately because it cuts down on packaging costs if it’s all put together for you. Not to mention, a shaving kit can make a great gift!

Which Kit to Get?

There are several different kits out there for shaving with a safety razor. Since everyone has different needs and preferences, you’ll have to put a little bit of thought into which one you should get before making your decision. A good shaving kit will come with additional blades, a good shaving cream, after cream, and usually a stand or other form of storage. However, it can be difficult to tell which are the best safety razor kits available. Some may be cheap imitations of the real thing, while others are genuine.


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