Best Shaving Cream Warmer (Dispenser) for Hot Lather

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Lathering your face with cold shaving cream kind of sucks in the winter. You’re already cold, to begin with. You’re tired. You just woke up. You had to crawl out of the nice warm covers and go be an adult; cold shaving cream is kind of like adding insult to injury on days like that. And that is why shaving cream warmers are so awesome. Not only do they make your favorite shaving cream feel even better on your face, the warmth conditions your skin and hair, making for an overall better shaving experience. Basically, not only will you feel better—you’ll look better.



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Tips on how to choose the best shaving cream warmer for your needs Here’s a summary of tips to ensure you find the best shaving cream warmer for your needs:

  • Look for a shaving cream warmer that is able to handle a wide variety of shaving cream types and sizes for versatility.
  • Make sure the way it’s powered is suitable for your area (i.e. American plugs don’t go into European sockets.
  • Consider your counterspace
  • Can you travel with it?
  • Look for variable temperature settings
  • Look for ease of use
  • It should heat quickly
  • Heating should be even and constant
  • It should work efficiently so you don’t have to use a ton of shaving cream
  • It should make lather richer and warmer
  • The Best Shaving Cream Warmers

    So, without waiting any longer, let's take a look at the best shaving cream warmers of 2019:

    1. Best Overall Pick

    Variable temperature settings

    The Conair’s variable heat control settings allow you to choose the heat that makes your skin feel best while also optimizing your shaving cream’s performance. It may take some play to find the right heat setting, but once you find it, you and your shaving gel will be a lot happier.

    Works for both gel and lather

    The design of Conair’s Gel and Lather Heating system is optimized for both gel and lather, as the name suggests. But it goes deeper than that. The way it dispenses gel and lather are actually a little different (internally). But the output is the same: a nice warm shaving cream. Check out our reviews of the best shaving soap for something decent. 

    Conair HGL1R Gel Shaving Cream Warmer

    A barber shop shave at home

    While the process of heating lather in a barber shop is different, the Conair system can give you the closest experience you can get at home—especially when you’re short on time. Because of this, you can pamper your face every day, on the fly, and still make it to work on time.

    Heat indicator light

    The heat light lets you know when the gel is warm. Here’s a tip: If you wait for a few seconds longer, the lather will be hotter. Also, remember that there’s a timer so if you wait too long, the warming system shuts off, and that heat dissipates so it won’t stay warm forever once it’s heated. It’s not hard to get the hang of, even if it sounds like it. Most people get the knack of it right off the bat, but those who don’t tend to figure it out within a week or so. Once you learn to optimize when to dispense your shaving cream, you’ll be sure to get a really good feel and shave.

    First impression

    I’m a big fan of the sleek, modern and, dare I say, masculine look of the Conair. It’s slightly futuristic, but not so much that it will stick out too much regardless what your bathroom looks like. My girlfriend is super picky about keeping her 1950’s style bathroom look on point, and she isn’t mad about the looks of the Conair shaving cream warmer. She’s a tough customer, so if she likes it, that means it must look cool.

    As for function, it heated up really quick while I brushed my teeth and I appreciated the indicator light taking the guesswork out. The lather came out rich and warm. I like hot lather, though, so the next time I shaved, I took the heat up a notch and it was literally perfect. The variable temperature settings are a lifesaver.


    • Your hot lather is ready in minutes
    • Light indicator lets you know if it’s hot enough
    • Works with most cans
    • Sleek aesthetics
    • Auto-off timer so if you forget and leave it on, it’s not the end of the world
    • Warming gel or lather improves skin and hair texture, optimizing shaving experience
    • Variable temp settings
    • Plugs into the wall, so no battery worries


    • Some users complain that the Conair doesn’t get their gel or lather warm enough. However, most find this isn’t the case. It’s likely that these users haven’t found the right temp settings or they’re not dispensing their shaving cream at the right time.

    2. Runner-Up Dispenser

    Professional grade

    The Lather Time Machine is a professional grade hot lather machine, like the kind you might find in barber shops, so this machine will give you that classic, barbershop-style feel. Combine this with a DOVO straight razor and get the ultimate barber feel at home!

    Rubber non-slip pad

    The non-slip rubber pad keeps things safe by reducing the possibility of the machine skidding and spilling hot lather everywhere. Safety first, after all.

    Extra-large soap cup

    Because it’s made in the professional style, this dispenser is designed with a soap cup, which you fill up with soap at the beginning of a workday and because of its size, it will generally last all day without the need to refill. However, it’s still good for home use and at home, you can just use less soap if you’re worried about waste.

    Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Dispenser

    DC motor

    DC motors are pretty simple, which is why they’re great for small appliances like a lather machine.

    First impression

    Since the Lather Time machine is professional grade, it was a bit bigger than I expected, but not so big that I couldn’t fit it on the counter. Looks-wise, it straddles modern and retro, so you won’t be too out of place no matter where you put it.

    It does take a while to heat up—almost an hour—but the warmth felt good and the lather was rich. If you plan ahead and start it up as soon as you wake up, you can totally make it work. Also, you can easily operate it one-handed which is a plus. From a shaving enthusiast standpoint, I think this is best suited to a barber shop, but is still doable for home use and probably a must if you have a large family of shavers in your house.


    • Professional style
    • Brush included
    • Non-slip pad included
    • Large soap cup


    • It’s bigger and will take up more counterspace than some other lather machines. However, this isn’t an issue if you have the counterspace.
    • Some users have found this dispenser gives out after a few months. This doesn’t happen to most, so it’s likely there may have been a bad batch put out. If you turn out to be one of the unlucky few, reach out to the company for a solution.

    3. ​Best ​Lather Warmer for Barbers

    Professional grade

    The Wahl Professional ’19 Hot Lather Machine was designed with professionals in mind, which means you are sure to get that genuine barber shop lather feel when you heat your lather with this machine.

    Easy to use

    Wahl includes easy instructions with this lather machine. They state it’s intended for professionals, but most people will find the internal liquid pump easy to fill, so that making lather starts as soon as set up is complete. Add it to your shaving bowl or mug and you are ready to lather. 

    Easy to maintain

    This is an intelligently designed machine that comes with easy to maintain parts and a very uncomplicated cleaning process that’s literally as simple as soap and water. If you’re an uncomplicated guy, this is something to consider—especially if you hate cleaning.

    Wahl Professional Shaving Cream Warmer

    Ideal for pro barbers

    The Wahl lather machine only takes 50 minutes to heat up, so you can start it up as soon as you open the shop and have hot lather ready all day long.

    First impression

    I like the upright pump design of the Wahl Professional shaving cream warmer. It just has a classier aesthetic, a mix of retro and modern. Once again, my girlfriend had no problem with its looks, and this is the one she liked the look of the best.

    As far as function goes, it takes around an hour to heat up, a little less perhaps, but when it does, it produces a nice hot lather that feels good on your face. The soap dispenser is indeed easy to feel, so for those nonprofessionals who need a professional-grade device that’s easy to operate, this might be the thing for you. I would say this one feels the most home appropriate out of all of the professional grade lather, but that’s just a personal opinion.


    • Designed with professionals in mind
    • Heats quickly for a large device
    • Easy to fill and use
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • Comes with a bottle of premixed Wahl liquid lather


    • Designed for professionals, so home users may find it overwhelming or just “too much”. However, that’s a personal decision and you just have to weigh it with your needs.
    • Heating may be a little inconsistent; however, that could also be down to user error.

    4. Best on a Budget

    Use anywhere in the world

    You can switch the voltage, which means you can use it anywhere in the world. This is an extremely unique feature not only for lathering systems but for any plug-in product in general, which is why this is hands down the best shaving cream warmer for travel, period.

    Works with any size shaving cream can

    Conair claims that this model works with any size shaving cream can “from travel to jumbo size”. Not only does this make the Conair Original a super versatile choice, its travel-size compatibility further supports its status as best shaving cream warmer for travel. I know I keep saying that phrase but think about this: shaving cream warmers generally aren’t travel-ready. This one has two big factors that make it ideal for travel.

    Works fast

    The Conair Original produces piping hot lather in less than a minute. Nowadays, folks are short on time. You have to juggle family, friends, a job, your phone and everything else which means you have almost zero free time to yourself—especially in the morning. By working fast, the Conair Original allows you to get what you want (hot shaving cream lather) without wasting your precious time.

    The Original Conair HOT Shave Dispenser

    Pampers your skin

    Hot lather creates the best shave for your skin, period. It primes your skin and your hair, making them more amenable to the whole shaving process. You get a closer shave with less irritation. Furthermore, the hot lather is soothing. If you’re an older guy, it takes you to back in the day. If you’re a younger guy, you get to experience the simple luxury of a bygone era. Either way, it soothes you and your skin, which is great.

    First impression

    The Conair original is extremely easy to use and the best part is, it really does work on any sized can. I know, because I tried it. It said it worked on travel sized or jumbo, and since I’m a thorough guy, I wanted to be sure—and it passed with flying colors.

    I love that it’s compact, works fast, and is easy to use. And the versatility factor is a huge favorite of mine because as a shaving enthusiast, I like to switch up my favorite brands of shaving cream from time to time.

    The coolest thing about this one is the fact that it has two different voltages so you can use it anywhere in the world. Personally, I don’t know of another dispenser that has this. So, if you’re a world traveler, this is definitely something to consider.

    The only downside on this one is that it can’t be used with gels. I prefer creams to gels, but I still do use gels on occasion, so while this isn’t a huge deal to me, I could see how it might annoy some.


    • Heats in less than a minute
    • Modern looks
    • Sits easily on the counter
    • Travel ready by accommodating travel size cans
    • Travel ready by supporting dual voltage
    • Soothes skin
    • Works with any shaving cream size
    • Maximizes versatility
    • Use anywhere in the world


    • Not compatible with gels. This is a bummer, but it still works great with lather.

    5. Best Professional ​Shaving Cream Heater


    The motor is sealed so that it can’t get exposed to moisture. This prevents it from corroding or rusting so that the motor lasts as long as possible. The valve is also stainless steel, for extra corrosion-protection.

    Easy to use

    The Latherking is push button operated for the ultimate in ease of use. If you’re a professional, you don’t have time for tricky operation. You need to work fast and keep your customers happy. And if you’re a home shave enthusiast, you definitely won’t be mad that it’s easy to use.

    Waterproof and shockproof

    The Latherking is sealed to make it waterproof. This also prevents shocks from happening, making things a lot safer. Let’s face it. The bathroom is fraught with electric shock risks, so being shock-resistant is pretty crucial for a system you’re going to likely be storing there.

    Latherking Next Generation Shaving Cream Heater

    Soap cup

    The soap cup is large, making it great for professionals or large families who have a lot. Also, it’s easy to fill so if you’re not so familiar with shaving cream warmers, you won’t be totally lost, which is nifty.

    First impression

    It’s a professional machine, so it’s bulky. Also, it doesn’t really have the sleek looks you’d want in a home shaving cream warmer, but for those that have the counterspace and don’t mind the looks, that’s not going to be an issue. And it definitely makes a great warmer for a barber shop, because it does have a more commercial look to it.

    For design, I like that it’s waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to shock. These are all common-sense things that should be on any device that’s going to be in your bathroom.


    • Professional Grade
    • Large soap cup
    • Easy to fill
    • check-circle
      Easy to use
    • check-circle
    • check-circle
      Shock resistant
    • check-circle
      Resistant to rust and corrosion
    • check-circle
      Made with stainless steel


    • Takes thirty minutes to heat up, so if you’re in a hurry that could be an issue. However, if you’re a professional you’re used to this; if you’re a nonprofessional and committed, you can easily plan ahead and make it work.
    • Some report that it gets clogged easily; ensure you’re using compatible soap with the soap cup.

    The Benefits of Shaving Cream Dispensers

    The number one benefit to buying a shaving cream warmer is how good it makes you feel. Soothing your skin is a form of relaxation men can truly appreciate. It releases tension, relaxes muscles and that effect trickles down to your full body. It’s comforting. Having a shaving cream warmer is like your own personal man-spa that’s right in your bathroom and yours and yours alone. It’s a lowkey way to pamper yourself.

    You can get closer to the skin when you warm your shaving cream. This allows for a smoother shave in general, and it’s particularly beneficial to men with sensitive skin, because they’re the most prone to razor burn; razor burn is more likely to happen when your shaving cream isn’t warmed, hence why warmers have grown so much in popularity.

    Shaving warmers also really get the lather going so it’s a lot easier to spread over your face. It may seem like no big deal if you’re used to life without a shaving cream warmer, but once you feel the difference, you’ll know what I mean.

    What to look for when buying a shaving cream warmer

    Since the number one purpose of a shaving cream warmer is to heat up your shaving cream, the best shaving cream warmer is one that has varying temperature settings. Think about it: Every guy is different. We all have different heat tolerance, different levels of skin sensitivity. If you have a warmer with multiple heat settings, you can find the optimal temperature for your skin and your preferred brand of shaving cream. It’s just common sense.

    Go for a model that can heat up quickly and also maintain a consistent level of heat. You’ll save time—and you’ll save your skin.

    Most shaving cream warmers can be plugged into a wall, while some might have full or optional battery power. There’s no real answer on that front for which makes the best shaving cream warmer, because how it’s powered depends on your needs and options.

    A good shaving cream warmer is also easy to use and easy to set up. Not only should it be easy to fill the shaving cream warmer, but it should also be easy for the warmer to dispense your shaving cream. After all, you’re in a hurry; a shaving cream warmer is supposed to make your life easier, not harder.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

    Q: Can women use shaving cream warmers?

    A: Yes, of course. Shaving cream warmers can produce a wonderful lather for shaving your legs. Underarms, personal areas, and faces may be more sensitive in women than in men just because female skin is often more delicate, so be sure to adjust the heat settings to what feels best to you and maybe test the heat before shaving sensitive areas.

    Q: Can I use a shaving cream warmer for shaving my head and neck?

    A: Yes, but remember that the scalp and neck may be more sensitive than your face, depending on how often you shave them and how often they’re exposed to the elements. If your skin is sensitive, start on a lower heat setting and work your way up so you don’t get your scalp or neck too hot. You don’t want the heat to dilate your veins and make them super prominent on your head. (It’s a temporary thing, but annoying and possibly embarrassing nonetheless.)

    Q: Professional grade or standard shaving cream warmers: Which is better?

    A: If you’re a professional, obviously, you’re going to have to go with a professional grade shaving cream warmer just to meet the demands of your job. But what about the average guy looking for the best shaving cream warmer for home use? Then it’s a little trickier.

    The biggest thing to consider for at home use is how many people in your house do you have that will be using it. If you’re just one guy in his own apartment, you don’t really need a big professional device. However, if you’re a dad of five post-pubescent sons who all live at home and your wife and two daughters like to use your shaving cream warmer to shave their legs and underarms, that’s a different thing entirely. In that case, you probably should get a larger capacity shaving cream warmer, which would point to a professional grade system.

    The one caveat of nonprofessionals using a professional grade shaving cream warmer is that professional shaving cream warmers are generally more powerful. They may get hotter. They may be trickier to use. They could also be trickier to maintain and clean. So, if you’re a non-professional, make sure you understand the safety considerations and that you’re committed to maintaining it, if you’re going to purchase a professional grade shaving cream warmer.


    Ultimately, the best shaving cream warmer is easily the Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating System. Its sleek use and ease of use make it perfect for home usage. The really cool thing is that it works with both gel and standard shaving cream, delivering rich, hot lather in both cases. Even better, the heat options are highly and easily adjustable so you can find the right setting for you and your needs. The quick heating time caps it all off, making it the obvious and ultimate winner.


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