Best Shaving Scuttles, Bowls, and Mugs of 2019: Wip up Lather Quick!

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Do you wet shave? Then it’s time to dump that coffee mug or cereal bowl that you are using as a shaving bowl and take a look at some of the best shaving scuttles, mugs, and bowls on the market. Don’t have time to look at the break-down? Check out our top pick, the Georgetown Pottery Shaving Scuttle.

With the resurgence in everything beard related, shaving scuttles are back in vogue too. And it’s not the old teapot-styled design that’s catching the fancy of well-groomed men around the world.

On display are a bunch of contemporary designs that are a perfect mélange of form and function.



Overall Dimensions

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5.2 x 5.2 x 4.2 inches


5.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches


4.8 x 3 inches


4.5 x 2 inches


7.1 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches


4.75 x 3.25 inches

Stainless Steel

3.85 X 1.98 inches

The eternal conundrum that newbie wet shavers face is whether to choose a scuttle, a mug or a bowl. And it is not an easy decision to make no matter how simple it seems on the face of it.

We will come to that in a bit.

For now, let’s take a quick look at the best shaving scuttles, mugs and bowls in the market. You heard that right. There’s something for everyone here.

The Best Shaving Scuttles, Mugs, and Bowls

1. Best Overall

We’ll start this list off with a Scuttle. If you are into wet shaving, then a Scuttle should be an option you consider for creating lather. Usually, in these circles, you will find Scuttles to be the best option for creating optimal lather that stays warm, rather than bowls or other metallic options that don’t perform as well. Check out our reviews of shaving brushes to work in tandem with these scuttles for the most optimal experience. 

This product was on the top of our list for a reason. It is handmade in the USA, made from fine porcelain clay, the price point isn’t ridiculous, a deep bowl, a large handle, and a removable water spout for hot water.

The water spout is actually a very cool concept and it’s likely a good reason why reviews report that the lather is always warm and ready even after several pass-throughs. Simply remove the pewter capped “GP” removable stopper, fill with hot water, and put the stopper back in. The water keeps the bowl warm and ready for lather. The overall dimensions of the bowl are 5.25 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches tall, the inner dimensions are 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep.

For the price point, trust us, this one is an absolute steal.

Georgetown Pottery Shaving Scuttle Mug


  • Made of Porcelain
  • Handmade
  • Keeps lather warm
  • Ridged bowl


  • Too big and heavy for some

2. Best Budget Option

Second on this list is the most basic one of them all. This is a shaving mug from Shaving factory that is perfect for the spendthrifts who are new to wet shaving and would like to dip their toes before spending more on a scuttle.

It is an all-black ceramic mug with a knob for a handle. You can place your standard sized shaving soap in it and whip up lather easily with a shaving brush.

It fits most standard sized pucks easily and there is no gap between the puck and the inner side of the bowl. So, none of the lather will flow down the side of the puck. Note that these mugs and bowls don’t come with the shaving soap for lather that you need. 

The Shaving factory shaving mug has a beautiful design with ridges on the bottom and Shaving Factory’s logo printed in contrasting bold red.

Due to the ceramic construction, it is a tad heavier than conventional plastic mugs. But we consider that to be an advantage. Fewer chances of accidentally nudging this over the counter! Also, it retains heat for a longer time frame. So, if you are using warm water to whip up the lather, the lather will stay warm until you finish your shave.

Shaving Factory Shaving Mug


  • Ceramic material
  • Easy Grip Knob
  • Economical option
  • Durable


  • Heavy

3. Best for Amateurs

For the serious shavers (no pun intended), few brands and products in men’s grooming can come close to Edwin Jagger. Our next pick in this list of best shaving mugs is an EJ classic porcelain shaving soap mug. Edwin Jagger offer great products, whether you buy their shaving bowl or another style of safety razor, you will always get a great shave. 

It has a very unconventional design that has a wide opening on top which narrows down in the middle before becoming wide again near the bottom. There is a raised ridge on the inside which lets you place the puck easily.

The dimensions are approximately 4 inches wide at the top, 2.75 inches internally and approximately 3 inches at the bottom. Any standard sized soap puck will fit snugly.

The Edwin Jagger logo is printed on the face of the shaving mug and it has a knob-style handle which is easy to grip and adds to the appeal of the mug. This one is a looker and you’ll love to add this to your bathroom counter.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl

The mug is manufactured in England like all EJ products and the porcelain construction is top notch. If you compare this with the #1 pick in this list of best shaving mugs, they look identical but are poles apart in quality.

This one is clearly heavier and the porcelain retains heat for much longer. Unless you accidentally drop it, this is going to last for years without a scratch to show.


  • Edwin Jagger is a well known brand
  • Ceramic construction
  • Easy Grip Knob
  • Tapering design is unique


  • Some issues with brands of shaving soap
  • Small for some people

4. Best Gift

We’ve been favoring mugs and scuttles a lot. It’s time to KISS, or keep it simple stupid. Next up is a marble shaving bowl by SUPPLY. While bowls are a simple concept, SUPPLY has created a solid product. Marble has some great properties that make it perfect for lather. Compared to the ceramic options above, marble has a thermal conductivity three times greater. This is ideal for people who do several pass-throughs and enjoy hot lather, longer. Before putting in your puck, consider letting hot water warm up the stone before-hand. 

The bowl is accommodating and can hold most pucks, measuring 4.5″ diameter by 2″ tall. The inside of the bowl also features micro-ridges in order to whip up lather in seconds. 

As you can imagine, being made of marble, it’s going to get a little heavy, but it fits in the palm nicely. The heavy aspect is alright in our book. This lather bowl is going to last a lifetime and likely won’t shatter if you drop it like a handmade ceramic option.

SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl


  • Simple bowl
  • Made of Marble
  • Handmade


  • Small for some brushes

5. Best For Professionals

If you have never used a lather bowl before, then wait till you try one. It will change the way you shave and you’ll refuse to put the razor to your face without one.

Our next pick is this fine lather bowl with a bunch of features that let you whip up a thick and consistent lather that stays warm and wet on your face.

It is made of porcelain and is surprisingly light for the size. That may also be a possible flaw because of the chances of you accidentally bumping it into the wall or on the counter.

The interior of the bowl is glazed and has a ribbed design which makes it extremely easy to whip up the lather as opposed to a bowl with a smooth finish.

The lather bowl is ivory colored and this helps you gauge the consistency of the lather. The more you swirl, the thicker it gets usually.

Fine Lather Bowl with StaticHole Technology

It has a handle with a perfectly sized finger hole which allows you to grip it easily and it also has a static hole which allows you to mount it on the wall. The static hole is sized to integrate with 3M wire hooks.

Also, the handle doubles up as a brush rest and you can keep the brush there when not in use.

Other than ivory, this fine lather bowl is also available in black and red.


  • Ribbed bottom
  • Finger hole
  • Professional feel


  • Would prefer it to be a bit heavier

6. Best Handmade Option

This list of the best shaving mugs, bowls and scuttles would be incomplete without another handmade scuttle, wouldn’t it?

And if you have loved the traditional teapot styled scuttles, then you will absolutely dig our final pick, the Moss Scuttle from Sara Bonnyman.

If you are not familiar with her name, she’s a potter and quite popular among hobbyists. The Moss Scuttle is an updated design that draws inspiration from the original vintage scuttle and improves upon it.

This one has been handmade by Sara in her studio in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia Canada and like any other handmade product, it has tiny imperfections which make it unique but beautiful.

It is available in two sizes. This is the large sized one.

Sara Bonnyman Pottery Anniversary Slate Moss Scuttle

You can pour hot water in the inner compartment and use the top bowl of the scuttle to whip up a lather using your shaving cream or soap. The bowl has a ripped bottom for easy use while working up a lather.

The lather stays warm for multiple passes and if you find it getting dry, you can just dip your finger through the slit and get a couple of drops of warm water to rework it.

The build quality of the Sara Bonnyman Moss Scuttle is excellent and lest you accidentally drop it, this should last forever. Oh, almost forgot to mention that this looks stunning in the slate colored finish.


  • Easy grip handle
  • Great quality
  • Large scuttle


  • Little pricey but that comes with being truly handmade by a potter

7. Best Stainless Steel

We should note that we have a bit of bias when it comes to lather bowls. BeardBro isn’t a huge fan of metal options for lather, but when it comes down to being cost effective and truly lasting a lifetime, this is your answer.

Perfecto offers their durable metal mug with “antiskid” on the bottom. We aren’t entirely sure what they mean by antiskid because there is nothing on the bottom.

They note that it is unbreakable, but truly that’s just a selling point when looking at ceramic options. Compared to the other options it is also lightweight and can create a decent lather. 

The biggest issue with the metallic options is heat retention. These just don’t hold up to the standard of ceramic and marble options detailed above. 

Overall if you are looking for a metal option, this would be a safe bet. If not, opt for one of the options we listed above.

Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving Mug


  • Will not break
  • Cost effective


  • One person noted rust
  • Lacks optimal heat retention

Choosing Between a Scuttle, Bowl, or Mug

Now that you’ve made it so far, it is time to end the conundrum that we spoke about earlier.

What works best for wet shaving? Is it a scuttle or a bowl or a mug?

Sorry to be a spoilsport but the answer to that is subjective and it involves a lot of personal preferences.

Some men for example, prefer using a conventional shaving soap which cannot be used with some shaving mugs and scuttles. Others like their lather to stay warm till the end of the shave which makes a scuttle an ideal choice for them.

But if you are open about the choice, then here are a few factors that can help you in the decision making process.

Warm Lather vs. Cold

The most important thing is whether you prefer warm lather or cold. If you like to start with warm lather but are ok with it cooling down eventually, then a bowl will be a good fit for your needs.

On the other hand, if you’d like the lather to stay warm until you make multiple passes and touch ups, then by all means go for a shaving scuttle.

A mug is somewhere in the middle of the two. It retains heat but the lather won’t stay warm for as long as it would in a scuttle.

Picking Out Your Shaving Bowl


Do you prefer a large sized lather bowl with enough room to whisk the brush without your fingers touching the walls? Then you’d like a bowl or a scuttle. The mug with its high walls and narrow opening may seem cumbersome but it prevents lather from spilling over which is a possibility in the bowl and the scuttle.

The mug is also more aesthetic as compared to a shaving bowl and will be ideal if you face-lather rather than whisking it up in it.


Some people like the look and the feel of porcelain and wouldn’t settle for anything else. But porcelain is prone to cracks and breakage which makes stainless steel and wood more durable choices. The caveat is that wood can stain your counter and stainless steel doesn’t look half as good as a porcelain one does.

The other advantage of porcelain is that it can retain heat better than the other two materials.


Last but not the least; you’d want to consider the price too. Bowls are usually the cheapest of the lot unless they are handmade. They also have ribbed bottoms on the inside. Mugs come a close second and scuttles are the most expensive of the lot.

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