Best Straight Razor Shaving Kits: Shave like Your Barber!

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Ready to throw it back? Way, way back? While straight razors are likely what your great-grandfather used for shaving, they are making a comeback. It’s not just because nostalgia is in right now. Straight razors offer a variety of benefits over modern day disposable razors. Our top pick to get you started is the simple 4 piece kit from Parker.

First of all, straight razors offer the best and closest shave possible. If you want to avoid both the five o’clock shadow and skin irritation, you have to dump your disposable. That leaves you with safety razors and straight razors. While safety razor shaving is smooth and much better than disposables, it’s the classic and classy straight razor that steals the show.

After initial costs, a straight razor will save you lots of money while saving the environment from more plastic. Once you’re set up with a straight razor, that’s it. No more insanely expensive cartridges. No more double edge blades. No more wasteful packaging. Just a trusty blade!

Finally, there’s just something about the feel of a straight razor. We’re not talking about the smooth feel of your skin – although that’s great too. There’s just a great feeling some people get after the slow, meditative process of shaving that you can only get with a straight razor.

Convinced to try it out? Great! Unfortunately, getting the wrong straight razor shaving kit can be a disastrous waste of money. That’s why we’ve selected just the 9 best straight razor shaving kits on the market today.



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The Best Straight Razor Shaving Kits

Let's take a look at the best straight razor kits on the market:​

1. Best Overall Straight Razor Kit

Starting off this list is a simple straight razor set by Parker. If you aren’t familiar with Parker, they are a well-known brand in the shaving industry and have been around since 1973. This set includes the Parker SR1 straight razor, Parker CHPB badger shave brush, chrome stand, and Shark half blades. Although lacking in quantity of items, the quality more than makes up for it. Let’s break down this set.

The gold star of this set is definitely the Parker SR1 straight razor. Made of genuine stainless steel, it’s reminiscent of a barber quality shave. This blade also features a snap lock to ensure the blade is tucked away safely. The metal is definitely a little thinner than we prefer, but the weight is opinion based. Disposable blades are also a bit preferential and if you don’t know how to hone blades, then this may be best for you.

The shave brush is equally as nice. It’s made of 100% pure badger bristle and creates lather nicely. The brush is ultra soft to the touch and applies nicely. Not a single bristle appears to be lost in several months of use. The only complaint we’ve noticed is that the brush can absorb the lather. It’s simple enough to push the lather out with your fingers into your mug. 

The chrome stand is a nice touch and features a heavy base and fits most straight razors and brushes. The 100 extra stainless steel shark half blades will last a while as well. Shark is a very popular brand and they are relatively low cost.

Parker Safety Razor Set

2. The Most Complete Straight Razor Kit

As a smaller version of the #1 set on our list, this 7 piece set has almost everything you need at a lower price point.

Gold Dollar Straight Razor

The star of this shaving set is the straight razor by Gold Dollar. The 3″ x 6/8″ hardened carbon steel blade makes it easy for the user to judge angles – an important task for new and experienced users alike. This blade has been literally forged by fire. Yes, it was kilned into its form.

This Gold Dollar razor is built to last a long time, even with daily use. It’s perfect for a beginner as well. The razor is made for an easy grip and is simple to maneuver. Plus, the round point is just what beginners need. With the Gold Dollar straight razor, you’ll experience the best shave of your life in no time.

The Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap

To get a great shave, you need a great soap. This straight razor shave set comes with the highly-rated Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Soap. What’s so great about this soap as compared to others?

Its all-natural formula creates a luxurious lather in only a few seconds. The natural smell creates a relaxing environment. Plus, this brand is handmade right in America.

The Shave Network 7 Piece Straight Razor Set

Satin Tip Synthetic Shaving Brush

A lathering soap is only as good as the brush you apply it with. This synthetic shaving brush by Satin Tip is the result of hundreds of hours of research into making the perfect shaving brush.

Other additions

Rounding out this incredible straight razor shaving kit are the case and instructions. If you’re new to straight razor shaving, these instructions will help you get started. The case helps you properly store your new razor to help it last longer.

3. Best Gift

This is the gift set that keeps on giving you a clean-shaven face. Complete with two ZEVA straight razors, shaving soap and bowl, shaving brush and stand, leather honing strap, and leather honing paste, this is a complete set that makes a great gift. Beginners and experienced users will love this gift set.

Zeva Signature Series Straight Razors

This straight razor shaving set comes with not one but two high-quality straight razors. One razor has a wooden handle while the other has a marble design. Both ZEVA straight razors have carbon steel blades, which are easy to hone. This set does not come honed, so make sure to do so before trying to shave. You will not get the shave you need without honing these blades first.

Zeva Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand

When it comes to wet shaving, the right brush makes all the difference. This 100% pure badger brush will gently exfoliate the skin, coat the hair in a smooth lather, and open the pores for a close and luxurious shave. Plus, the drip stand will keep your brush dry and mold-free for years to come.

Liberty Supply ZEVA Straight Razor Kit

Spine Shaving Soap and Stainless Steel Shaving Cup

Fill your new stainless steel shaving cup with the highly rated Blade Spine Shaving Soap and get ready for a refreshing lather.

Cowhide Straight Razor Leather Strap / Strop + DOVO Leather Strap Paste

In order to hone (sharpen) your new razor, you will need a leather strap and superior strap paste. Luckily, all of that is included in this kit. The strop is 19 1/4″ Long and 2″ wide with a 12 1/4″ sharpening area on one side. The other side is made of brown leather. Apply the paste as needed for a perfect sharpening experience.

Ready to Gift

This ZEVA straight razor kit makes the perfect gift set for any gentleman. In fact, it comes in a nice gift box ready to give. Make this Father’s Day, birthday, or holiday great!

4. Minimalist Option

The luxury of straight razor shaving isn’t just for the clean shaven anymore. This kit provides what you need to shape your beard to keep it looking nice. No more neckbeard and scraggly cheeks. This is the only kit to offer both a beard shaping template and a straight razor. Together, these tools offer a neatly trimmed beard that could rival those in the good old days. The transparent template allows you to easily see the outline of your beard or mustache. Line it up as you would like and glide the blade along the edge. You’ll end up with a clean line every time. The template also has combs to help run beard oil through your beard.

Instead of fumbling with too many tools, this kit lets you shave with just two great items. The shape of the template isn’t just for beards. Use it to create mustaches, goatees and more. However, you wish to express yourself! The straight edge razor blade is made of durable stainless steel. The handle is a strong plastic that is easy to handle. Get a barber-quality shave every time. Not sure if it’s right for you? Your purchase is risk-free thanks to the 100% guarantee! There’s no reason not to give it a shot. One user said this product made his beard look better than ever. Yours can too! Order today.

B&W Straight Razor Grooming Kit

5. Best Budget Kit

This handsome straight razor shaving kit is encompassed in a beautiful wooden box. It’s an elegant gift for the gentleman in your life. Whether you’re new to straight razors or an old pro, you will love the look and feel of the Leegoal™ shaving kit.

The blade is made of 440c stainless steel to give you the closest shave. The gorgeous handle is constructed of red sandalwood and is quite easy to handle. The swing-lock blade and comfortable contoured grip make handling this razor a pleasure.

The brush and strop round out this elegant set to make the perfect gift. The brush will prepare your lathering soap and skin for a close shave. Use the strop as needed to sharpen your blade and keep it sharp. Soon, you’ll be looking as sharp as your blade!

Leegoal 4 Piece Straight Razor Set

 Are you considering making the switch to straight razors? If so, check out any of these kits, which we believe are the best straight razors shaving kits available.


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