Best Beard Conditioners: Softer and Smoother!

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Are you an enthusiast for beard grooming? Or are you thinking of growing a beard? Well, if so then you ought to be out looking for a good beard conditioner, which in our opinion is the Scotch Porter conditioner. A beard conditioner is a substance which softens your beard making it feel very smooth, silky and manageable. It is a fundamental part of any beard lover’s grooming kit.

If you maintain a good conditioning routine, you will find that in general, your beard becomes gradually more and more well behaved. It will react better to treatment and manipulation. Soon you will no longer put with an awkward beard day in which the hair seems to refuse to do what you want it to. These improvements to your beard can only happen if you take the time to use the conditioner.




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Scotch Porter


8 oz


Verbena Lime

8 oz



8 oz


Light Citrus

4 oz

Mr. Rugged

Tea Tree

4 oz

The Best Beard Conditioner

1. Best Overall Pick

This is a high-quality beard conditioner which will leave any and all beards feeling great. Rather thicker than the average product, this is easy to apply without it running down all over your face and causing a big mess. Many beard conditioners are just re-branded cheap hair conditioners and can be awkward and uncomfortable to use, but the consistency and quality of this product are of a very high standard.

The dark coloration makes it instantly clear that this is a product targeted towards men. It is also made of all natural ingredients which are important, as synthetics have come under a lot of criticism as of late. When it comes to results, people are very pleased. This product can make even the roughest most unpleasant feeling beard as soft as a cloud. This is an added bonus for ladies having their face scratched by their man’s mop.

Furthermore, whenever the substance is rinsed out, it does not feel as if it has been dipped in grease like you get sometimes. It just feels natural, clean and fresh. As such, this product deserves your attention because it is among the best of its kind.

Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner


  • Natural, clean, fresh feeling
  • Doesn't leave a greasy feeling


  • None. Nobody had anything negative to say about this product.

2. Runner-up Conditioner

This product comes with a fresh, invigorating scent when gets your beard feeling great. Many beard conditioners have a bit of an overpowering scent, but this one is just right for the sensitive nose. With this product, you should notice an immediate result after use. Your beard will feel softer and will also be much more manageable. You will be glad to know that it is not overly soapy either and it does not run down off of your beard in torrents either.

It is very easy to use with minimal annoyance. The product, however, claims that dragon’s blood is one of its ingredients which is a little strange, to say the least. Most likely just a manly gimmick designed to grab the inner beast lying in your beard. But dragon’s blood or none, after you use this product you will discover that your beard reacts well to combing, is agreeable when it comes to shaping and pleasant when it comes to smell.

All of this in a reasonable price range too compared to some others. If you are struggling with an awkward, rough beard, then you will want to have a look at this product. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Zeus Beard Conditioner Wash


  • Easily Manageable
  • Not overly soapy
  • Great scent


  • Scent too strong for some
  • Long list of ingredients

3. Best Scent

This product has been recommended for those who suffer from a very messy, tangled and wild beard. Your wife will not be complaining of the wire wool on your face after you use this. Most responses have declared that there are noticeable improvements in one to two uses. However, it has been criticized by some as having a rather overpowering smell. This is alright if you like that particular scent, but it can be intolerable for those who are less keen.

As such, you’d do best to check if ‘wild berry flavor’ is your thing before you buy. It is a pain if you have to cover up the smell of the beard conditioner with cologne and let’s face it, who wants to spend all of that time on beard care? So you best give the scent a good hard think before you buy. Otherwise, this is an efficient beard conditioner which can hold its head high among its competition. Its price is a little higher than most but nothing to write home about.

So if you like berries and you have a very messy beard, you may have found your perfect match. Softness and manageability are in this product’s real dragon’s blood.

Beardsley and Company Beard Conditioner


  • Awesome conditioner
  • Clears up dandruff and itch


  • Overpowering smell
  • If you love berries, you will love this scent

4. Best Value

This is a highly recommended beard conditioner which has been noted for having the added boon of being a moisturizer, making your skin feel good. The scent in this product is also very much under control, as many beard moisturizers go a little crazy when it comes to the smell. It is also of a very thick consistency which is good for beards because if it is thin, it just runs down off of your beard and you do not see any of the benefits.

Effects are usually felt after the first use and definitely after the first three uses. Many women report that it makes kissing the hairy folk significantly more tolerable once this product has been used. If you happen to have sensitive skin, you may want to pay this one some attention as it moisturizes your skin and can help stop beard dandruff. If it makes your skin happy, your beard more comfortable and your wife the happiest, then you know you have stumbled across an excellent product.

In addition to having a significant effect on one’s beard, it is cheap enough that it will not kill your pocket either. With a low price and high quality, just what else could you ask for?

Woody's Beard Conditioner


  • Long-lasting
  • Moisturizes skin


  • None

5. Best 2-in-1 Conditioner

This is a two in one product which is both a beard shampoo and conditioner which ought to save you some time when you are doing your usual facial grooming routine. It is most noted for its sharp peppermint scent which makes you feel alerted and refreshed. This is due to the peppermint oil included in the formal. This substance is known to have many beneficial effects for your skin, nourishing and enriching it. It is also splendid at lathering, even for those who live in a house with hard water so there should be no trouble in getting it nice and bubbly for scrubbing.

This product is bound to leave your beard clean, soft and well behaved. However, the bottle is not overly large, and you will quickly find yourself running out of it. You might want to measure out your portions carefully to help save some money. It is a little pricier than most products of this kind for its size, but it does enjoy lots of endorsements.

You should try it out and see whether it is worth the money. The natural ingredients and their naturally beneficial effects on the skin is an added boon which may excuse the increase in price.

Mr. Rugged Beard Conditioner and Shampoo


  • 2 in 1 product
  • Unique peppermint scent
  • Natural Ingredients
  • check-circle
    A little goes a long way


  • Pricey for a 4 oz bottle


How is your beard feeling? Soft, sleek? Has it been easy to manage? Yes? Excellent! That is how important it is that you select a good beard conditioner. You go from cave man to Casanova before you know it. All it takes is a little time to use that beard conditioner.

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