Best Beard Grooming Kits of 2019: Professional Maintenance!

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If you want to find the best beard kits then you’ve found the right blog post. In case you’re in a rush, our favorite kit is the Maison Lambert Beard Kit.

To pick the right package, you should look out for a product that has a combination of oils, balms, brushes, and scissors without being too pricey. A nice bag and aesthetics don’t hurt either. 

The Beard Kit Checklist

To give an idea of what to look for in a beard kit, we will check what each package contains. Luckily for you, we have reviewed a number of products. So if kits aren’t for you, you may consider checking out individual products and find the best in each category for you. A good beard grooming kit should contain a mixture of the following items:

  1. Beard Wash + Conditioner
  2. Beard oil, balm or butter, and wax
  3. A quality brush or comb

Note: These kits are primarily for beard grooming. Your kit may expand if you prefer to shave your beard, you may need to buy a shaving scuttle or bowl, as well as a beard trimmer. We are obsessed with growing beards, so that’s mainly where our mindset is at. 

So that’s our checklist; let’s not wait any longer and get right into the kits. 


Brush or Comb


Learn More

Scented with Essential Oils




Unscented & Light

Berry, Cantaloupe, Bay Rum

Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum,

Verbena Lime



The Best Beard Grooming Kits

1. Maison Lambert Beard Kit

Some guys like to assemble their beard kits one piece at a time, exploring each individual category, trying out a few options, and finally choosing their favorite. If you’d rather skip the trial and error, this is an excellent bundle from Maison Lambert that comes with everything you need, and it’s all super high-quality stuff that’s already been curated for you.

To top it off, it comes in an excellent leather shaving bag, and even the versatile comb comes with its own sleeve.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A beard comb made from fine sandalwood with different types of teeth to suit all sizes of beards and even the hair on your head.
  • A high-quality beard oil to help your beard look its best.
  • A beard shampoo to keep everything clean.
  • A beard balm to help shape and tame your beard.
  • A beer-based body soap as an added bonus.
  • An excellent case for carrying all of this and more.

Quality Organic Ingredients

The oil, balm, and soaps included are all made with organic ingredients, including essential oils that carry with them numerous therapeutic benefits. The scent is best described as “manly”, but it’s far from overwhelming. Think warm and woody, it has also been described as classy. It’s something ladies will certainly enjoy when they get close enough to your face.


  • You get an excellent version of everything you need to maintain your facial hair in one package, instead of having to track down everything separately and paying more money.
  • Great quality stuff from top to bottom, there isn’t any “filler” in this kit.
  • It uses 100% pure essential oils for a more effective and higher quality experience.


  • The products range from 90% to 99% organic, so not quite 100% if that is a concern. The soap is 90% organic, and the balm and oils are 99%.

2. Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit

Next up is Honest Amish. You truly can’t go wrong with any of their products. We’ve reviewed their balm and oil and they top both of those lists. Now you can get both products packaged together in a quirky first aid pack for your beard. If you haven’t heard of Honest Amish you might be a newbie to beard industry. They are well known for their quality, and loyal cult-like fan base.

Included in the “med kit” is the staple balm, wax, and oil, as well as an added dropper and lip balm. I honestly didn’t know what to think of the Old Dutch lip balm, and it’s the first time I’ve heard of it, but it works and works well.  The scent is a light menthol, which is great. From personal experience, having a scent up your nose all day usually results in a headache, and some products are just overbearing. The scent is a natural, organic fresh smell.

The ingredients are what accounts for this and both the balm and the oil are very similar in nature. The oil absorbs well and balm leaves my beard ultra soft. Truly, you only need a small amount of balm as it melts in your palms to spread evenly like the oil. Opt to use the oil during summer months and the balm in the winter. As always, the wax is great for styling.


  • Light, Fresh, Organic Scent
  • Great products for a reasonable price


  • No brush or comb

3. Beard Wizard Beard Care Kit

You’re a wizard, Harry…Seriously, this kit is something Dumbledore would be proud of. Packed in this satchel is beard oil, wax, comb, and brush, all the essentials at an affordable price. This is truly a great starter kit and you can’t really go wrong. Let’s break down what’s inside.

The brush and comb were surprisingly nice considering these items can cost the same as this entire kit. The brush is 100% boar bristles which is a very common material used for beard brushes. The comb is made of a sandalwood material and is by no means “cheap” feeling. The comb is also two-sided, both coarse as well as fine tooth.

The two more important things to discuss are the Wizard beard oil and the Magical Hold wax. Both of these are advertised as fragrance-free, but the wax has a light soapy smell to it. Everyone interprets smells differently, some like it and some don’t.

There are only 4 ingredients which is great. Often these products can be loaded with a number of different carrier and essential oils with questionable effectiveness. Wizard contains Vitamin E oil, aloe vera, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil.


  • Fine and coarse tooth comb
  • Provided boar bristle brush
  • Ample amount of wax and oil
  • Light scent


  • Some report not liking the "fragrance free" scent.

4. Mountaineer Brand Canvas Dopp Beard Kit

This is a high-quality beard care kit by Mountaineer Brand which is enjoyed by many beard wearers. The beard oil is especially appreciated, and many people have said that it is the best beard oil they have ever had. If it looks and feels good, then it probably is good.

The beard wash also enjoys a lot of positive feedback, with its smell being specially marked as a perk. As well as being robust enough to clean even the stinkiest beard– although it can get a little soapy. The balm is also quality and is noted for its ability to make one’s beard very manageable, allowing for swift and smooth shaping.

The brush has had more mediocre feedback with some people preferring a simple comb. In 2018 they opted to create a new kit featuring both their brush and comb.

In general, it is an excellent kit which can meet most beard care requirements. Its high points are its pleasant smell and its ease of use. The oil, to many, is the very best point with many people coming back and becoming regular customers.


  • Great Oil and Wash
  • Value Buy


  • Lack-luster brush 

5. Rapid Beard Grooming Kit

Rapid Beard is a popular beard product creator. This is the first trimming kit in this collection, and overall, we’re impressed. There are definitely a few pitfalls, but these are outmatched by the other qualities this gift includes. Let’s break down this kit. 

To start off this review, we are going to look at their most reviewed product, their comb, and brush. The comb is definitely our favorite of the set, the bristles stretch 4.75 inches across which is a nice size for most beards. This comb is only one sided with fine teeth, whereas most have coarse and fine tooth options available. The combs are noted as being hand-made which you can definitely tell from the craftsmanship. The bamboo handle boar bristle brush is also an instant hit when used in combination with their oil and balm. Styling was definitely easy and is effective in all phases of beard growth.

The oil and balm are solid as well. The listing was open about their specific ingredients pre-purchase. The oil contains argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, grape seed oil, ginger extract, Carbomer, and grape seed extract. The balm contains beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, macadamia oil, and almond oil. All of these are fairly common ingredients in these products, although the beeswax was a first for us to see. The oil and balm are noted as being 100% natural and organic and feature no additives for scents and smells. 

Lastly, the scissors. These are definitely hit or miss, and honestly may not even be needed if your beard isn’t long enough. Most note the scissors they received were sharp, but the minority of reviews note they received a dull pair, or they didn’t line up. They feel professional and the rubber stopper is definitely a nice touch. You can also adjust them via the bolt, which likely the reviewers don’t know how to do. Overall, not a bad pair of scissors, but i’d still rather have a professional trim my beard.


  • Most affordable option
  • Unscented oil


  • Hit or miss on the scissors
  • Only fine tooth comb, no coarse side

6. Beardsley Beard Essentials Kit

Beardsley is a company founded in 1993 with products made in the USA. Included in this gift set are all full-sized bottles of their products. More specifically they include the wild berry and cantaloupe ultra beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and lotion. All of these products are made especially for beards and mustaches. I won’t list the extensive ingredients list, but the transparency is reassuring. Safe to say, you’re in good hands with this company and their products.

The packaging of the product was superb. Opening it up reveals a leaflet describing how to use each of the items. The shampoo and conditioner leave the beard ultra-soft. This isn’t surprising considering they name their products “ultra.” All of the scents are unique but in a good way.

The oil came with a spray style applicator as opposed to the classic eye dropper. This comes down to preference, but we prefer the eye dropper. Some have reported they don’t like the smell, but again this is personal preference, and the good outweighs the bad. If you are looking for more “manly” scents, then this may not be for you.

Overall, this is a longlasting and quality product. You can tell they had bearded folks in mind.


  • Longstanding beard company
  • USA Made
  • Value buy


  • A few have noted they don't like the oil
  • Spray applicator instead of dropper

7. Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

Next up is a beard kit fit for the gods. We actually reviewed the Zeus conditioner in our best beard conditioners article and discovered they had a kit. The kit has three options available for purchase with different scents; there is sandalwood, vanilla rum, and verbena lime. Sandalwood is a classic aroma and is a safe pick if you want to give this kit a go. Sandalwood smells just as the name implies, a light woodsy scent. The beard wash and conditioner are superb and deserve their coveted prestige.

The oil and brush are a great combination. If you like firmer bristles, then the provided 100% boar bristle brush is for you. The oil will last you a while as they detail to apply a bit to the fingertips and massage the skin. Truly, BeardBro isn’t big fans of scent based oils, but the sandalwood is pleasant enough and doesn’t make you want to pass out. 

If you are looking for an option that has a shampoo and conditioner, seriously consider Zeus. The only downside is the cost, but again, you are purchasing more products which result in the added cost.


  • Comes with a brush
  • One of our favorite wash and conditioners
  • Three scent options
  • Value buy


  • Hard to pick something without nit picking

8. Smooth Viking Beard Comb and Brush

If you are just starting to grow out a beard, or you know someone who is, this might be a perfect, affordable product. The brush and comb are sturdy and versatile and are good for getting your beard looking respectable, even if it is a little on the short side. The boar brush’s hairs are very delicate which is always good for the skin of a newbie who might become red raw if they used a coarser brush. The brush is also easy to hold in your hand; it is not awkward in any way, and its wood finish is very pleasing to the eye.

This is a very tempting buy if you are beginning your beard journey as it does not contain all of the fancy oils and such if you are not yet sure that beards are your thing. You could even supplement this with a straight razor shaving kit and you would basically be set. It has great gift value as it has been made with pear wood, making it very finished looking without being too heavy. It adds a little bit of a luxury feel to it which may help newbie beard groomers grow fond of it and feel better about trying something they are unfamiliar with. A great beginner beard product all in all.


  • Great for beginners
  • Two sided comb


  • You only get a brush and a comb. This is great if you don't need any oils.

9. Prophet Tools Beard Kit

Another great beard kit which would make an ideal gift for any hair faced man out there. The product comes in a very aesthetically pleasing package with an eye-catching color scheme in a very professional looking arrangement. It also comes packing some handy bits for convenience such as the bottle of oil having a dropping device which makes measuring out the product much easier.

The general look of the product is dark and amber giving it a very masculine yet sophisticated feel, but at the same time, it acts as a sunlight shield stopping the oils from degrading in the sunlight. Curiously, the oil comes with no fragrance at all. It is better than smelling bad, but such products usually smell of something. But regardless, the oils do their job and make the beard easily manageable, and feeling soft and healthy.

The comb has wide spaced teeth making even thick beards easily tamed without a lot of painful tangling. This is all without being too bulky so it can be stored in your pocket if you need to do some beard maintenance on the go. This is a very attractive product which is bound to get all of the beards out there excited.


  • Oil comes with a dropper
  • Features a beard comb, great for thick beards
  • Bare-bones option at a low cost


  • Oil has no fragrance. Could be considered a pro for some.

10. Beard Legacy Complete Grooming Kit

This is a very comprehensive kit which has everything even the keenest bearded man could ever wish for. Quite often people do not let their beards grow out because it is hard to manage. If you are one of these people, then this is the kit for you. The oil provided in the pack is the perfect blend to make your beard soft and manageable so that when you want to shape it, it works and does not stubbornly refuse all attempts to persuade it.

The brush is also very well made, with the bristles being specifically engineered to keep stray beard hairs tightly under control. This kit also comes with beard scissors which are very robust and easy to hold. It makes trimming the beard in a very particular way very easy. Used correctly, this kit could make your beard look the way you imagine it should rather than the caveman you are most of the time. If you are a beard lover or you know one, this might be the ideal gift for them.

A full, good value option for facial hair care. You just cannot go wrong here for a superb beard care kit. The price comparison also isn’t necessary as you can’t buy these items separately other than the oil.


  • Great value buy
  • Comes with oil, brush, scissors, and an engineered brush made for beards


  • Some complain about the scissors being dull while others say they are very sharp.


So there you have it, the best beard kits that you can find on the market. Make sure not to charm too many ladies with your newly tamed face fuzz. With the right kit, you can mold your beard into something that brings out your character, topped with the seductive spice of wild masculinity. With this knowledge, beard glory awaits you.

Do your due diligence when making a purchase. We’ve found that on average you save 20-30% buying the kit instead of buying each product individually. This may not be the case on every item, and at the end of the day, the goal is to save money.


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