The 5 Best Beard Kits Available Today!

If you want to find the best beard kits on the market, you do best to know exactly what you are looking for. A good product will have oils, balms, brushes and scissors without being too pricey. A good aesthetic would not hurt either. But why do we need efficient, high-quality beard kits? Beards are important for a man’s ego. It helps him look and feel like a primal beast, a dominant alpha. It really gets you into what it felt like to be a primitive cave man.

However, it is a concept often tied with a great feeling of sophistication. This means that you can take your beard from its natural, rugged and wild state and tame it into something that sends a message. Your beard makes a statement about who you are, and that is why a good beard kit is essential. It brings out the individual in the beard.

What’s Inside

To give an idea of what to look for when buying a beard kit, we will check whether or not each item contains oil, balm, condition, shampoo, brushes and scissors. So that’s our checklist; let’s not wait any longer and get right in to the kits.


Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand

This is a high-quality beard care kit by Mountaineer Brand which is enjoyed by many beard wearers. The beard oil is especially appreciated, and many people have said that it is the best beard oil they have ever had. If it looks and feels good, then it probably is good. The beard wash also enjoys a lot of positive feedback, with its smell being specially marked as a perk. As well as being robust enough to clean even the stinkiest beard– although it can get a little soapy. The balm is also quality and is noted for its ability to make one’s beard very manageable, allowing for swift and smooth shaping. The brush has had more mediocre feedback with some people preferring a simple comb. The brush can cause the hairs of the beard to become tangled in the hairs of the brush. This can make for some painful hair pulling. In general, it is an excellent kit which can meet most beard care requirements. Its high points are its pleasant smell and its ease of use. The oil, to many, is the very best point with many people coming back and becoming regular customers.

Pros: great oil and wash. 

Cons: mediocre brush 

Leven Rose

Starter Beard Kit by Leven Rose

This beard kit is known for making your beard sumptuously soft. As if the hairs were made of air. This product has been reported to make the wearer feel great and to look even better. It is commended for its brushes which are easily able to keep beards tidy without tangling in with the hair and causing pain. It is also noted for being a very handy gift as it all comes packaged together in a very visually appealing way. The smells of the oils have been noted as being the right strength as many are considered overbearing, especially since facial hair is very close to one’s nose. This product seems to be right on the money. This one has a downside however as some people claim that the parts are not very well put together and are prone to breaking. The price tag, which is a little steep is a bit beyond the ‘breaks in your hand’ range. However, this is only a minority view, with most people loving the product and finding that it makes their beard look and feel better, to the point that it is noticed and complimented on by others. Overall it is a quality product.

Pros: oil is just right.

Cons: a few reviews mention cheap materials

Bear Man

Beard Comb and Boar Bristle Brush Kit

If you are starting out growing a beard, or you know someone who is, this might be a perfect, affordable product. The brush and comb are sturdy and versatile and are good for getting your beard looking respectable, even if it is a little on the short side. The boar brush’s hairs are very delicate which is always good for the skin of a newbie who might become red raw if they used a coarser brush. The brush is also easy to hold in your hand; it is not awkward in any way, and its wood finish is very pleasing to the eye. This is a very tempting buy if you are beginning your beard journey as it does not contain all of the fancy oils and such if you are not yet sure that beards are your thing. It has great gift value as it has been made with pear wood, making it very finished looking without being too heavy. It adds a little bit of a luxury feel to it which may help newbie beard groomers grow fond of it and feel better about trying something they are unfamiliar with. A great beginner beard product all in all.

Pros: Great for beginners. A delicate brush, made of strong materials. 

Cons: you only get a brush and a comb. This is great if you don't need any oils.

Prophet Tools

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil and Beard Come Kit

Another great beard kit which would make an ideal gift for any hair faced man out there. The product comes in a very aesthetically pleasing package with an eye-catching color scheme in a very professional looking arrangement. It also comes packing some handy bits for convenience such as the bottle of oil having a dropping device which makes measuring out the product much easier. The general look of the product is dark and amber giving it a very masculine yet sophisticated feel, but at the same time, it acts as a sunlight shield stopping the oils from degrading in the sunlight. Curiously, the oil comes with no fragrance at all. It is better than smelling bad, but such products usually smell of something. But regardless, the oils do their job and make the beard easily manageable, and feeling soft and healthy. The comb has wide spaced teeth making even thick beards easily tamed without a lot of painful tangling. This is all without being too bulky so it can be stored in your pocket if you need to do some beard maintenance on the go. This is a very attractive product which is bound to get all of the beards out there excited.

Pros:Oil comes with a dropper. Features a beard comb, great for thick beards.

Cons: Oil has no fragrance. Could be considered a pro for some.

Complete Kit

Complete Beard Grooming Kit

This is a very comprehensive kit which has everything even the keenest bearded man could ever wish for. Quite often people do not let their beards grow out because it is hard to manage. If you are one of these people, then this is the kit for you. The oil provided in the pack is the perfect blend to make your beard soft and manageable so that when you want to shape it, it works and does not stubbornly refuse all attempts to persuade it. The brush is also very well made, with the bristles being specifically engineered to keep stray beard hairs tightly under control. This kit also comes with beard scissors which are very robust and easy to hold. It makes trimming the beard in a very particular way very easy. Used correctly, this kit could make your beard look the way you imagine it should rather than the caveman you are most of the time. If you are a beard lover or you know one, this might be the ideal gift for them. A full, good value option for facial hair care. You just cannot go wrong here for a superb beard care kit.

Pros:Great value buy. Comes with oil, brush, scissors, and an engineered brush made for beards.

Cons: Some complain about the scissors being dull while others say they are very sharp.

So there you have it, the best beard kits that you can find on the market. Make sure not to charm too many ladies with your newly tamed face fuzz. With the right kit, you can mold your beard into something that brings out your character, topped with the seductive spice of wild masculinity. With this knowledge, beard glory awaits you.

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