Best Merkur Safety Razors of 2019: A High Quality Shave!

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In the world of safety razors, Merkur is one of the most respectable brands. They have been around for quite a while, and this long length of time has allowed them to refine their technique and craft some of the best safety razors around. But, some ask – which ones are truly the best?

With their abundance of different styles of razor, it can easily become overwhelming trying to distinguish between. If you’ve found yourself asking this question, there is no need to worry. We’ve done the work for you. In this article, we are going to discuss what we believe are the top five Merkur safety razors currently on the market.

1. Merkur MK23C Safety Razor

At the top of our list is the Merkur 23. It’s a beautiful razor of high quality that looks and performs spectacularly in all aspects. With such an amazing design, you really cannot ask much more from a razor than what Merkur has given us with the MK23. Let’s get into why this particular razor is so great.

The first thing you’ll notice about the MK23 (and many other Merkur safety razors) is the astounding finish. The entire razor has a stunning chrome finish that sparkles in the light. It looks very high-end and is definitely an eye-catcher; its appearance alone will add to the enjoyability of your shave. If you’ve been using disposable razors up to this point, you’ll appreciate how the MK23 is more regal and brings good vibes. These vibes will translate over into your shaving practice, and you’ll begin to notice your shaving technique improves, leading to a much cleaner and closer shave. Note that this safety razor is very similar to one in our safety razor kit reviews article. They were our number one choice for a reason!

An amazing razor gives you full control of the tool, enabling you to maneuver across your face and reach even the most difficult areas. While most Merkur razors are built with a short handle, this one features a long handle that will allow you to have ultimate control. If you are used to disposable razors which more often than not feature a long handle, this will feel right at home. Throughout the length of the handle is a crosshatch pattern which ensures maximum grip during your shaving time. Even if your hands are slippery, you will still be able to hold onto it with confidence.

Another notable element of its design is the bottom of the handle, which includes an engraving of the brand name with a riveted, crosshatched section just below it. This section is a little bulkier than the handle itself and adds to its overall appeal. In addition, it includes a screwing mechanics which allows you to change the blades. The top of the handle grooves in just slightly before reaching the blade holder at the top. The blade holder is pretty standard and holds most standard double-sided blades. Because this is the most versatile of the Merkur razors, we have placed this in our #1 spot. The long handle is definitely a plus, as many of us are used to the long handles from longtime disposable razor use. If you take care of this piece of equipment and make sure it remains free of rust, it should last you a very long time. This is an amazing safety razor, and we really cannot find anything bad to say about it.


  • Long handle
  • Chrome finish


  • None

2. Merkur MK34C Double Edge Razor

At first glance, you’ll see that the design of the MK34 is pretty much identical to the MK23 except for the fact that this razor is much shorter; you can look at it as a sort of Mini-Me version. It has the same zinc alloy body with a chrome finish that instantly lets onlookers know this is more than just your average razor; it’s made for the professionals. Again, you won’t lose your grip while shaving, because it features the same crosshatch scheme on the handle. You’ll avoid nicks and cuts and feel completely in control as you make stable strokes across your face. This is different from the Edwin jagger models we reviewed in another post. 

This razor isn’t called “heavy duty” for no reason. Upon closer observation, you’ll also realize that the MK34 also has a bit of a bulkier handle than the 23, which some say makes it easier to hold. Pictures really don’t do it justice; when you see this thing, it looks like a tank. The beauty of the bulkiness is that it adds weight to the shave. With these kinds of razors, you want to let the razor do the work, and the extra weight helps compensate for any pressure you are tempted to apply. Additionally, the thicker handle also makes it a bit stronger than the aforementioned razor. Thus it is more reliable in the case of accidental drops or other forms of misuse.

The reason this one is at the #2 spot on our list is because those who are new to safety razors may not be used to this one’s small size. And, as compared to others that are the same size, this razor has a weight that is not too light and not too heavy; it’s just right. Overall, this is an excellent intermediate razor that does not disappoint.


  • Double edge
  • Chrome plated zinc alloy


  • None

3. Merkur Futur700

Anyone who has experience shaving knows that regardless of where you use a razor, there are easy areas and problem areas. For example, it’s pretty simple to get a good shave on the sides of the face. The skin there is usually smooth, flat, and easy to reach. However, when it comes to shaving the neck, it can often by a pain trying to get a good smooth shave. With the Futur 700, Merkur has offered a solution for this by developing a razor that lets you adjust how lightly or aggressively you want to shave. When you pick this razor up, you’ll immediately become aware of how smooth its matte finish feels. It’s just as easy to hold as a chrome razor, and those who love matte won’t complain. Additionally, if you’ve ever held other Merkur razors, you’ll realize that this one’s handle is just a tad bit longer than others. It’s just right – not too short and not too long. As far as decorative elements, it’s pretty plain in appearance but looks more modern than other razors. While some of the other Merkurs have a more “classic” style, this one seems more refined and modern.

Other than appearance, what really sets this razor apart from the others is its blade adjustment system. This is an especially unique feature, as it lets you twist the handle to expose the blade to your liking. It gives you six different settings to choose from and based on your preference; you can pick whether to have the blade revealed just a little or a lot. The more the blade is exposed, obviously, the more aggressive the shave is. As mentioned earlier, this can help those who have trouble getting a good close shave in difficult areas.

The blade adjustment feature may or may not be useful depending on how you like to go about shaving. Also, it’s plain design doesn’t make it seem as exciting of a razor to use as others that have more design elements to offer. In any case, it’s still an amazing razor, and we’re simply comparing it with other Merkur razors out there on the market. If you like the idea of being able to manipulate the aggressiveness of the blades easily, this one is definitely for you. And hey, you might even prefer the matte style; there is really no right or wrong here. For this reason, it gets the #3 spot on our list.

To note, this razor is now only available via a GBS shaving kit. Overall not a bad option in terms of what you get, but in order to get the Futur700 you will have to opt for the kit.


  • Comes with 10 blades
  • Everything you need to get started
  • High-quality


  • None

4. Merkur MK38C Safety Razor

This one is for the traveling man who wants a great shave anywhere. The Bigfoot Shaves kit is complete with a safety razor, blades, and bonus travel kit. The travel kit includes extra blades. Just pick up and go; the perfect shave is waiting.

Bigfoot Shaves uses high-quality steel in their blades for maximum durability. In fact, this safety razor handle is built to last a lifetime. No more broken, rusted, or just-plain-bad handles. Buy Bigfoot Shaves once, and you’ll always have a solid handle.
Perfect for wet shaving, the handle is textured for easy grip, Even with wet hands, you can get a close shave without slipping and hurting yourself. When you’re ready to replace the blade, simply unscrew the razor handle and slip in the double edge blade.

Bigfoot Shaves blades are sharp and long-lasting. They will save you money over cheap, multi-blade disposable razors while providing a better shave. It’s time to return to the classic way of shaving!

Great razors shouldn’t be only for home. Take your Bigfoot Shaves razor with you and keep it protected with the included travel kit.

This razor is ideal for both men and women. No matter what part of the body you need to shave, this safety razor will provide the smoothest, closest shave imaginable. One user even called it, “a must buy for men AND women!”


  • For men and women
  • check-circle
    Handle built to last a lifetime
  • Travel kit to take anywhere


  • Some report issues with removing old razors

5. Merkur 20 Black Handled Safety Razor

As we discussed in the last paragraph, some safety razors can be a little too aggressive or heavy for those not experienced enough to utilize properly. Safety and straight razors require more technique to use, and learning that technique is important to have a great time shaving. Not only is there potential to harm yourself, but there is more care and cleaning involved. Otherwise, you end up with a rusty, unattractive razor. The fact of the matter is that everyone has to start somewhere, and the Merkur 20 is designed for starters.

Its long black handle is immediately apparent. The handle has patterning across the body which allows you to get a good grip on it, so those worrying about it slipping do not have to worry. There are small metal pieces at both the top and bottom which can be unscrewed, as this is a three piece razor. You unscrew them in order to change the blades whenever yours gets too dull.

This MK20 is a bit lighter than other razors we’ve talked about on this list, thus it’s a good one to start with if you’ve never used a safety razor before. The long handle will make it feel very familiar if you’ve been using disposable razors, and since it’s not made of metal, it won’t rust. Additionally, the blade setup is very non-aggressive and forgiving. You’ll find yourself making fewer mistakes as opposed to if you started out with something a little more hardcore.

Overall, this is a great razor to start with, but as we’ve stressed, it’s not the best safety razor. It is much less attractive than others here on this list, and this lends to it having a cheaper feel (which in reality, it is). This is something to start out and practice with. Once you feel comfortable using it, you’ll quickly feel like there is much more to be desired. We definitely wanted to put it on this list to let beginners know one of the best places for them to begin as far as Merkur razors are concerned. This is our #5 pick for the reasons we have discussed.


  • Rubber grip
  • Ultra close shave


  • Some report the razor is aggressive

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