Best Beard Shampoos: Clean & Moisturize Your Facial Hair!

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Does your beard stink? Is it filled with the detritus of your last meal? What you need to do is give that beard a good old fashioned wash. This means getting your hands on some quality beard shampoo. For us, the top pick is Mountaineer Brand shampoo.

A clean beard is not only more socially acceptable, but they are also the key to successfully using all other beard products. In many ways, the shampoo prepares your beard hairs for the application of all sorts of oils and balms. So if you ever want to get that bush in any shape, you do best to start cleaning sooner rather than later.




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Light Cedar

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4 oz

Spartan's Den


8 oz

The Best Beard Shampoos

1. Best Overall Pick

A good quality beard shampoo which does well when you are using other beard products at the same time. It is easily applied, merely implement it, lather it in your hand and start scrubbing. It is paramount if you want a magnificent looking beard, for you to wash it thoroughly. All of the oiling in the world will not get rid of the lumps of food stuck in it. Just like your hair, it requires good old fashioned cleaning. This product has a very pleasant peppermint smell which makes you feel alert and invigorated.

However, some have complained that the scent disappears far too quickly. This is the case when adding scents; you cannot please everyone. There is no need for you to use a handful of this stuff. Similar to the beard oils we reviewed, a small dollop is sufficient to create a great lather which can thoroughly wash all of your beard.

This product will give you a fresh, clean feeling, softening and preparing your beard for the next stage of treatment. If you want a good and decent beard shampoo, then you will want to have a look at this product. It is a good price and high quality, so you will like it.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash


  • A small amount goes a long way


  • Scent doesn't seem to last long

2. Runner-Up

This spookily titled beard shampoo is not just for the undead, it is for the very living and very hairy bearded man. This product has made waves in the beard community, some even ditching balms and oils altogether because this product seems to soften, clean and condition all in one. This product requires only the smallest of dollops to make a strong, puffy lather which holds together well in your beard allowing you to wash it thoroughly.

Combine it with one of the beard conditioners we reviewed and you are golden! They seem to have gotten the scent balance right too as it has been reported as being pleasant but not overpowering. The presentation of the product is also pleasant with its spooky skeleton and dark manly colors appealing to the dark and mysterious male mind. There is also quite a lot of it in the bottle which is always a plus. Quite often beard products come in the skimpiest of bottles.

Additionally, it is also very cheap considering what you get. High performance, lots of it and it will not hurt your pocket. It seems like a pretty open and shut case for bearded. It is a product you will want to get onto your beard. Give it a try today.

Grave Before Shave Beard Wash


  • Cheap
  • Comes with a lot of shampoo
  • Pleasant smell


  • Too many ingredients for some

3. Best Value

If you are sick of the feeling that regular hair shampoo has on your beard, then we are with you. It may be clean, but it is also rough and brittle. If you are a serious bearded beast, then you will want to groom your fuzz with a real quality beard shampoo. When you use this product, you will discover that it is very smooth. It will lather very easily in your hands, and when you apply it to the beard, it will fill it up and make it easy for you to clean all of the hair.

This product falls on the too weak side of the scent argument, with the scent being pleasant as you use it, but altogether vanishing pretty soon after. It is a brilliant shampoo to use when you are preparing to use a balm or oil. It makes the hairs soft and moist, and as a result, it is more ready to receive further treatment. This product is a little bit more expensive than the average beard shampoo. The reviews are good, but they are not any better or worse than its cheaper competition. Make up your own mind if you decide to buy it.

Professor Fuzzyworthy's Beard Shampoo


  • Scent is pine


  • Expensive
  • Lacking Scent

4. Best Premium Wash

Kave is a very sophisticated brand, apparently trying to appeal to men who view themselves as having some suave style. But even though it seems delicate, it has been proven to be able to get rid of even the foulest beard filled with goodness knows what. As well as being surprisingly heavy duty, it is reported to smell really nice. There is no need to use a ton of the stuff either.

Apparently, two spurts of the beard shampoo are all that is required to clean even the longest, craziest of beards. This product will help some hairy cavemen look as sophisticated as the guy on the bottle. For those of you who have dry skin, you have cause to celebrate, this beard shampoo is very mild and will not cause your dandruff to flare up with a vengeance. Irritated skin is one of the major disadvantages of having a beard. Having a solution to the problem is a great weight lifted off of the chests of the hairy folk. All in all, this is an excellent product which uses a slightly different type of aesthetic to appeal to bearded men. It is a little more expensive than the average, but nowhere near as expensive as some. Good product.

Beard Shampoo and Wash by Kave


  • Cheap but not in quality
  • Only a dab is needed
  • Helps with Beard dandruff


  • None

5. Best Smelling Option

This product really does verge on the expensive side. One might gawk at the price and wonder just what sort of magical perks could this overpriced product provide? The biggest pro of this beard shampoo is the smell. People find it very attractive; they are paying for it after all. It is very difficult to get the smell of beard products right.

The shampoo itself is reported to have a very slimy feel which some may find a bit off-putting. However, it certainly does keep your beard soft and clean, so at least it does what it says on the tin. A big disadvantage, though, is that the shampoo feels like it has been watered down. It is really very runny which makes it more likely for the shampoo to end up down your chest than on your beard. For something that is so expensive, one would think that they would get the consistency right. Some people genuinely prefer a runnier beard shampoo, but when the application of the product becomes impractical, you need to start questioning the formula.

Regardless, this product has received positive reviews, some even being quite passionately positive. However, this is definitely an expensive product.

Spartan's Den Beard Shampoo


  • Smells great


  • Runny/watery consistency
  • times-circle


Are you all clean now? Good! That beard sure looks clean and ready to go. Getting the right beard shampoo is of vital importance for anyone looking to be the eye catcher at the party. Never underestimate the benefits of a good beard shampoo

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