6 Steps to Dyeing Your Beard [Guide]

If you’re into the bearded life, you’ve probably heard of people who dye their beard. Why would anyone want to dye their beard? An even better question is – how does one go about the process of dyeing their beard? In this article, we are going to explore the world of beard dyeing to give you a fine look at the reasons for it and the processes involved.

Why Dye My Beard?

People dye their beards for all different reasons. What’s your reason? Do you want to look trendy? Maybe you would like to headbang and turn heads like your favorite rock star. Or, do you want to cover up those gray hairs? It could be the case that age has gotten to you, and you’d like to conceal it from your friends, family, and co-workers. Even if you haven’t decided whether or not resorting to dye is the choice you want to make, we will lend you a hand with some insight on the benefits it could have for you. Here are just a few of the reasons people dye their beards and the potential upsides of it.

George Clooney's Grey Beard

  • Covering the Grey – Pretty much everyone has hair that starts to gray when they age even if it’s just a few patches or individual hairs here and there. Thus, it’s no surprise that gray hair automatically makes you look older. Even if you aren’t that old, people will simply perceive you as being older. Your friends and family might tease you by calling you “old man” or “grandpa,” and we all know those kinds of remarks can tap into some deep self-consciousness. Dyeing your beard is a way to cover up the gray and make you appear younger again. A little bit of dye here and there on the gray patches in your beard can make a big difference for your appearance. It’s a simple solution that could make you look a few years younger.
  • Make Yourself Trendy – A lot of us have gone through a stage where we have wanted to explore our individuality and be a little rebellious. During those times, we try to go against the norms of society and try out new ideas and styles. In some cases, this means changing our wardrobe to wear trendy clothing. In others, we’ve changed our looks more dramatically with alternative hairstyles or better yet…hair colors. Celebrities often make certain hair colors trendy, and that includes beard colors. If you’re in the mood to try out something radically different that will make you appear bold and confident; there is probably no better way to achieve this than by dyeing your beard an unnatural hair color.
  • Match Beard and Head Hair – Due to genetics or whatever other reason, some people are born with a mixture of hair colors. Have you ever seen a redhead with brown eyebrows? Or maybe you have seen men with beards that are a slightly different color from the head on their head. In these situations, they might find it desirable to make sure both the hair on their head and beard match for a more cohesive look. It’s one of the more uncommon reasons to dye one’s beard, but it does occur. This just might be your circumstance, and if it is, you could have some fun with this.
  • Now, if dyeing your beard seems like something you’re interested in, we’ve prepared a guide that will help you on your way to a new coloration. With beard dyeing, you have to walk before you can run. It might be tempting to just jump right into it, but there are some factors you might want to consider before doing so. Here we go!

    Which Dye Do I Choose?

    Imagine a scenario where you’ve worked extra hard to care for your beard. You’ve pampered it for quite a while but are unsatisfied with the color and decide to dye it. You pick up a random dye from your local store and proceed through the dying process. In the end, you’re okay with the way the color turned out, but your beard just doesn’t feel the same. It seems frizzy and brittle to the touch. You’ve fried your hair.

    This is the very least of the problems that you could possibly encounter. You could try to dye it red and have it turn out orange. Or, you could even end up with the wrong shade of the color you were aiming for. This is why choosing the right dye brand and color is a crucial process. Those who don’t spend enough time researching dye colors and brands often end up with subpar results. The fact of the matter is that not all dyes are created equal, and not all colors will turn out looking the best on you. Especially if you have absolutely no experience with hair dye, you should definitely pay attention here.

  • The Perfect Brand
    Cheaper dyes use harsh chemicals that are neither good for the hair nor skin. Given they might give you the right color, you could end up with a fried beard or very irritated skin if you aren’t careful which brand you choose to use. If by chance, you don’t end up with the correct color when dyeing your beard, you might decide to re-dye it to reach perfection; however, this only perpetuates the hair-frying issue. And, nobody wants a fried beard. For the beard enthusiasts, it looks very messy, and in worst case scenarios, it can actually cause shedding. All in all, don’t use the cheapest dyes! Search for a dye from a reputable brand. It’s worth taking that extra step to preserve your hair; it pays off in the long-run. There are plenty of men and women who have dyed their hair for years using inferior products, and you can tell by observing the consistency of their hair that they have fried it to no end. It usually looks frizzy and worn out. Don’t make that same mistake; use the right dye!
  • The Matching Color
    As far as which color to choose, this boils down to personal preference. But, in any case, whether you want blue, blonde, or brown, there are ways to find out how different dyes will react with your hair without completely ruining your beard. Don’t be that guy that just slaps a bunch of coloring on his hair expecting everything to just work out. More often than not, this results in your beard ending up being the wrong color if you aren’t experienced with dyes. Even different brands react differently, as they use different formulas. Thus, just because you are familiar with how to use one brand doesn’t mean you’re an expert at another. For best results, you’ll want to try finding the right color by running some tests on your hair.
  • Testing your hair to find the right color for you is very simple. A good strategy is to trim a lock of hair and dye it alone to see how the dye reacts to it. You can trim some pieces at home or even take some with you before leaving the barbershop. With hair dyes, the longer you leave it on your hair, the darker or brighter your hair turns. With this in mind, you can find out how dark or light your hair will turn by leaving the dye on your test hair for different lengths of time. During this process, you might decide that the particular color you chose isn’t giving you the results you want. In this case, you can try another color. After a little experimentation, you will be able to find the perfect color dye and time to leave it on your beard to get exactly what you want. This testing phase may take a little extra time, but for those who are looking for perfection, this is how you get it.

    Jeff Buoncristiano from BeardBrand

    Now, here is the fun part! You’ve done your research, and you’re all ready to go. You’ve found a brand that is safe for your precious locks and tested colors to find the perfect one for you. It’s time to begin the beard dyeing process. Let’s begin!

    If you’ve decided to have your beard dyed professionally, then the below information we’ve collected for you may not be pertinent. However, realize that beard dyeing is an easy process as long as you know what you’re doing. Don’t let the information we have given you so far scare you away from being a do-it-yourselfer. Anyone can do it; we are just helping you do it the right way.

    Follow These Steps to Dye Your Beard:

    #1 – If you’ve decided to do it yourself, the very first thing you should do is read the manufacturer’s instructions included in your dyeing kit. Every manufacturer has variations in the dyeing method to use for their particular kit. Read carefully and make sure you are aware of their recommendations.

    #2 – Some have made the mistake of slathering dye all over their beard while also getting some of the dye on the clean-shaven skin on the sides of their face or neck. They’ve left the dye on their skin until the final rinse off to find that not only was their beard dyed…their skin was dyed too! In some cases, dye on the skin is extremely hard to wash off no matter what product is used. It’s okay to get some dye on the skin as long as you don’t leave it there for a lengthy period of time, but there are ways to help prevent this altogether.

    There are several techniques you can use to prevent your face from being dyed. If you’ve purchased a kit specifically designed for beards, it may include equipment to help with this. If not, some recommend rubbing vaseline on your face and neck where dye might accidentally be rubbed. Another way you can deal with this is by using tape to cover the undesirable areas. Depending on what you have on hand, several solutions may be viable for you. Pick one.

    #3 – At this point, it’s time to put the dye on your beard. Remember, every dyeing kit comes with a set of instructions telling how best to do this. Follow their instructions. Some may come with applications tools while others may not. A lot of hair dye kits come with plastic gloves to use for application; this allows you to rub the dye deeply into the hair. If worst comes to worse or you are only dyeing certain patches, you can use some kind of brush (even a paint brush) to apply the dye. In any case, make sure you cover all of the areas that you want. If you accidentally get dye in an area where you don’t want it, don’t freak out. Just wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth and move on to the next step.

    #4 – Now is the easy part; all you need to do is wait. You should have already predetermined how long you need to wait in order to achieve the color you want, and there is nothing you can really do until the time is up. So, just wait it out.

    #5 – Once the time is up, it’s time to wash off the dye. The easiest way to do this without making a mess is by simply taking a shower, but if need be, you can wash it off in the sink. Make sure to do this thoroughly in order to remove all of the dye in your hair and the dye that may have caused coloration on the skin underneath your beard. Once you can scrub your beard without seeing any color on your hands, you know you’re finished.

    #6 – You’re finished! Enjoy your newly dyed beard and give yourself a hand for all the hard work you put into studying and conducting the process. If you followed our steps, you should have gained pretty good results. If not, remember that dye is not permanent. And, at the very least, you can shave your beard and start over. However, let’s hope that didn’t happen! Be proud of your beard and the new milestone you have reached.

    Not a fan of written instructions? Check out this video from the Bros at BeardBrand.

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