How to Use and Apply Beard Oil

Well, you’ve done it. Congratulations! You’ve finally grown out your facial hair to more than just the peach fuzz of your youth, and you have managed to create what can only be known as the ultimate sign of cool. You’ve grown a beard. And not just any beard, either. Oh, no. You have grown a full, thick, unruly beard that will no doubt up your sex appeal and go down in history as a legendary beard of all beards.

At least, that’s the goal, right? But now what? How do you tame that sexy beast into something that looks more like the beard of a god and less like an animal curled up on your face?

Have no fear, gentlemen, because that question has an easy answer. The solution, my friends, is simple: Beard Oil.

Image Credit: Birch Box

Image Credit: Birch Box

Wait, they make an oil for my beard?

Why yes, sir, they do. And, not only can you find awesome beard oils all over the place (online, stores, magazines), but there is a multitude of DIY recipes that let you customize your beard oil from the comfort of your own home.

What exactly is beard oil?

Beard oil is a mixture of essential oils (natural oils extracted and distilled from plants or other sources with a distinctive fragrance) that basically work as a leave-in conditioner for your beard. There are many different varieties of oils and, like most things in our consumer-driven world, you can look around and try out your options until you find the perfect oil for both you and your beard.

Why should I use beard oil?

Now that is a very good question. It’s common for men with facial hair to think that their beard is perfect just the way it is, thank you very much. And these men are probably right. Far be it from me to tell a bearded man he isn’t sexy. Still, I must wonder whether these same men have had a significant other complain about the roughness of their beard. Has their skin perhaps felt dry and flaky beneath all that beautiful facial hair? Have they ever looked in the mirror on a bad hair day (we all have them) and wished for something that would tame the wild beard? I’m betting that the answer is yes for all of them, even if it isn’t all the time.

So why should you use beard oil? Because, gentlemen, beard oil is the solution to all those problems.

Beard oil moisturizes your hair and skin. Nobody enjoys the feel of dry, flaky skin beneath a mass of growing hair. It itches, it’s irritable, and it leads to more agitating problems like ingrown hairs or acne. The essential oils used in beard oil mixtures are full of properties that are good for your skin, leaving both skin and facial hair healthy and silky smooth.

Beard oil softens the hair and leaves you looking suave as ever. There is a reason women (and some men) use conditioner on their hair. Luxurious, silky locks are appealing. So is a soft, stylish beard. No more complaints about roughness or redness while kissing. Now, it will be like a soft blanket rubbing up against them, and your sexiness will only increase. I promise you.

The essential oils in beard oil leave your beard smelling fresh. No one likes to smell bad, especially out on a date. Beard oil helps you feel confident that you are always looking and smelling your best. And what could be hotter than confidence?

So how do I use beard oil?

Using beard oil isn’t a hard process to master. If you get oil on your beard, you’re on the right track. Still, if you want a bit more detail, just follow these simple steps.

Image Credit: Beardspo

Image Credit: Beardspo

  1. Apply your beard oil right after a warm shower. The heat opens your pores and hair follicles, allowing the oil to be absorbed better. Make sure you dry your beard with the rest of you. Oil and water don’t mix.
  2. Put a small amount of oil on your palm. The amount you should use is really more of a personal preference. The length and fullness of your beard, the amount of saturation you want, and the frequency with which you use the oils are all factors in the amount you should use. Trial and error is your friend here, but I will tell you, less is usually more in this case.
  3. Rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly.
  4. Starting at the base of the beard and working your way up, comb your fingers through your beard, and work the oil into your skin. This step is important. Your beard is only as healthy as the skin beneath it. Don’t forget the mustache!
  5. Run a comb through your beard, twice. The first time is to make sure all the oil is spread evenly throughout the hair. The second time is to make sure when you look in the mirror, you see the handsome devil you know you are.

And that’s it! Just a note: if you’re using a dropper, make sure to put it back in the bottle after use instead of on the lid or a countertop. You definitely want to avoid contamination here since you’re putting these oils on your face!

Growing beards has been considered manly since long before society deemed it fashionable. It’s no secret that women find well-kept beards irresistible, and beardless men long to be as awesome as you. Your achievement in the facial hair department should win you legendary esteem among your peers. Yet, it is those high achievers that stand out from the crowd; those with the sleek, sexy, debonair beards that are revered as facial hair gods. So how do you become one of the bearded elite? Come on, now, you know the answer! The answer, my good man, in becoming the Beard King, is as always, beard oil. Long may you reign.

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