What are the Rules of Movember?

14 years ago, a group of buddies in Melbourne, Australia, decided they would try something different, and bring back a fashion trend that only last reared its head in the 1970s – the mustache!

30 guys took part in the original Movember, and it took off so well that it became a fundraising opportunity for health issues affecting men, from prostate cancer to mental health.

Fast forward to 2017, and Movember is an international charity event, with guys taking part from all over the globe. In 2017, Movember had managed to raise well over $700 million since the very first event in 2003.

What Are the Rules?

If you’re dying to get your mustache game up to scratch, then you’ll need to do a few things first.

1. Register

Like all charity events, you’ll need to let Movember know you’re raising much-needed funds for the men’s health charity. You can take part in the event alone, as part of a team or even join an existing team.

Once you’re registered, you can take part in Movember in any way you want. Some people take part in sports events, some will join an existing fun run whilst for many people, it’s time to start letting that facial fuzz do its thang!

You can also register to join a Movember party. These happen across the world and are just about the coolest thing to happen on any given November day!

2. No beards

What a shame! Yet there’s method to the Movember madness. Growing a brand-new moustache is supposed to be funny, a bit daft and probably something you’ll have to explain to your long-suffering girlfriend or parents! Beards take a lot longer than a month to cultivate, so what’s the point?

3. The fun starts on November 1st

This is a golden rule of November. All guys that take part must be freshly shaven on November the 1st, no excuses! Some guys even video their last shave before the big day!

4. You’ve got to commit for the whole month

That’s right guys, no slacking here! To be part of Movember you must cultivate a mean, masculine and sexy moustache for the entire month. Even thinking about a shave during November will result in a serious loss of street cred, you have been warned!

5. No beards (The longer version)

Didn’t we mention beards before? Yes, I know, quit being a smart a$$! Whilst experienced beard wearers are excluded from Movember, you also cannot begin to grow one either. We know you might be sporting some epic beard style, but you need to only have a mustache.

Movember is all about the mustache, in all its 70s inspired, Tom Selleck glory! If you can’t find the time to cultivate that bushy goodness, then please feel free to GTFO!

6. Show me the money

Once Movember is finished, you’ll have to send your hard-earned donations to the Movember foundation. The cash will then be directed all over the world, helping guys everywhere, whatever health issues they might suffer with.

Anything else?

The main thing to know about Movember is that it’s a bit of fun. Community, and bros coming together for the greater good is the key. And unlike any Simon Pegg films, Timothy Dalton’s mustache should survive until the end!

I’m a girl, I want to help!

Whilst we’re sure girls won’t want to cultivate a Ronnie during November, there’s a load of cool ways women can help.

* Donate to your partner’s campaign!

* Join the Mo Sistas in one of their runs that take place during November.

* Be supportive of your partners inner Ron Burgundy!

Movember is supposed to be fun, so whilst you can’t grow a mustache, you can still join in on most of the events.

Why is Movember so important?

Men’s cancer is often one of the forgotten illnesses of the world. Whilst women have their breast and ovarian cancer game set to max, men sometimes like to forget about it. It’s not just cancer either, guys are considerably worse at getting those lumps and bobbles checked out by a Doctor.

Here are the scary facts:

* Men are more likely to commit suicide than women, and it’s the most common cause of death for the under 35s.

* 1 in 4 people will suffer mental health issues, and guess what? Many of those are dudes!

* One unlucky guy will die every house from Prostate cancer, and 1 in 8 will suffer from the illness at some point.

* 90% of testicular cancer occurs in guys under 50 years of age. Yep, that’s right, being a youngster might not help you!

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