Top 23 Beard Styles for Men in 2019

It seems beards are trending in men’s fashion in 2018, no seriously, we have graphs that prove it. This so-called “generational difference” is somewhat non-existent, and more millennials and folks from generation-x are sporting beards of various sizes and shape. We would be lying if we said we weren’t impressed by some of the beards men are sporting these days; What we’ve found is that people (employers, parents, and people who matter) still don’t like unkempt hobo-esque looks. Beards that are properly groomed and well kept are still favored and truly look awesome.


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Our goal with this article is to introduce you to some beard styles other enthusiasts and celebs are growing. So whether you can grow Jim Carey’s Yeard or just classic stubble, we have got you covered.

Celebrities and their stylists have a huge influence when it comes to culture and fashion, and their grooming is no exception. Can certain celebrities get away with rocking styles that most of us couldn’t pull off, or is a strong beard the great equalizer?

Take a look at some of the best and most iconic celebrity beards, how to grow them, and which types of faces they’re best suited for. Some of these may inspire beard-envy, whereas others may give you a nice boost of confidence, depending on how you look at things.

A Bro's Guide To Facial Hair

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Best Beard Styles!

Here's our list of the top 23 beard styles trending in 2019:

1. Yeard

Background: Jim Carrey has always been an eccentric guy, who seems like he’s got a lot more on his mind than worrying too much about his beard, one way or the other. Before trimming it for the movie Dark Crimes, Jim was rocking a legitimate yeard.

How to grow: When it comes to growing a yeard, you just kind of go for it and see what happens.

In the strictest definition, a yeard is what happens when you start growing a beard and just let it grow wild for the next year with minimal care, let alone shaping or trimming. After a year, whatever you end up with is your yeard. It’s a big commitment to make, but you can always give up before the year is complete, and style it however you want.

Face Shapes: Again, the yeard is kind of a different beast. By definition, there’s really not a lot to think about. It’ll grow in how it grows, regardless of your face shape.

It’s really after the yeard when you decide to trim it into another style, that you have to take these things into account. Having a style in mind that you’re excited to try can make that year go by a lot easier, and you’ll end up with a perfect canvas to show for your patience.

Jim Carrey - Yeard

2. All Natural

Background: Keanu is, by all accounts, an incredible guy. Despite his massive success in the movies, he’s known for staying very humble, and being a genuine and caring person who isn’t the type of guy to demand a ton of attention for his good deeds. Among the many positive traits we can learn from Keanu, another is that no matter how much care you put into trimming and grooming your beard, there’s a certain point where you’ve got to work with what you’ve got…

Keanu may not be rocking the thickest, fullest beard here, but he doesn’t let a few patches slow him down.

How to grow: This is an all natural, scruffier kind of look. To grow this type of beard, let your hair come in naturally, keep it trimmed to a shorter length, on the sides and front, and don’t shave a neckline. This look works when you can achieve the right balance of the natural unkempt look, but the rest of your presentation needs to be well put together because that makes the facial hair style look intentional, rather than lazy.

Face Shapes

Once again, since it’s the all natural beard style, you can adapt it to fit the shape of your face a bit, to play up your strengths like any great beard does.

Keanu Reeves - All Natural

3. Full Beard

Background: Brad Pitt has had a life of being able to pull off pretty much whatever he wants, from clean-shaven, a simple mustache, a goatee, or just a full-on board. This one is another example of a beard that might look a bit odd on some guys, but Brad Pitt makes it work.

How to grow: To grow this style of full beard, it’s not all that much different from another style known as ‘The Boss’, the major difference is that for this look, Brad has it trimmed shorter and thinner on the sides, and longer coming right off the chin. Cut your sideburns, have them grow into the side of your beard. Brad wears this beard particularly unkempt, but you can certainly tidy it up a bit more depending on your own style and preference.

Face Shapes: This style works particularly well for guys with wider cheekbones because the depth of the beard helps reduce the prominence of the cheeks. This isn’t an ideal beard for people with longer more oval shaped faces always since it tends to elongate the face on its own, depending on how you style it.

Brad Pitt - Full Beard

4. Mustache

Background: James Franco is known as a laid-back, relaxed guy with a quirky, artistic personality. The mustache really suits him, it’s a bit greaseball when he’s growing it in, but it eventually fills in well. Plus, he’s the kind of guy who can roll with it and own it while it comes in, and that’s an important first step for every mustache out there.

How to grow: Frankly, this is a good style for guys who can’t grow much of a beard at all, but it’s not only for them. Franco will have a bit of stubble sometimes, and other times he’ll have more of a goatee, or even a somewhat scraggly beard. Also, there are more guys who

Face Shapes: There are a lot of different mustaches out there, and it’s a whole other can of worms, but generally speaking, they can work for any face shape, you’ll just need to trim it accordingly.

James Franco - Mustache

5. Lined Up

Background: Drake keeps his lined up beard crisp and fresh. This Canadian export is one of the most popular recording artists in the world, and has a lot of eyes on him. Whether he’s taking the stage on tour, or playing Fortnite with Ninja, Drake’s whole look is all about being pixel-perfect. It’s the contrast to other super successful guys like Brad Pitt who go for a more casual or even messy beard.

How to grow: This falls under the same category as a handful of the beards on this list, where not everybody is going to be able to grow it. For those who can, it’s all about keeping those lines flawless, keeping it pretty short, and taking really good care of it. You’ll need to see a serious barber to get everything lined up like Drake gets it, so make sure you ask around first and find out who is really good in your city.

Face Shapes: This style can work on any shape of face, by definition, since you can adapt the lines to suit you. For the perfect example of this, look no further than Drake compared to DJ Khaled. Very similar styles of beard, very differently shaped faces.

Drake - Lined Up

6. Balbo

Background: Christian Bale is one of the greats when it comes to actors of this generation. He’s known for the insane transformations he’s made to his body in between movie rolls, gaining and losing incredible amounts of weight in very short amounts of time. His beard has also undergone a number of transformations over the years.

How to grow: One look that really suits Christian Bale is the balbo beard. To grow a balbo, you’ll shave your sideburns off completely, leaving a blank space in between your hair and your beard. Also, the mustache is floating for a balbo, so disconnect it from your beard as well. The cheeks are shaved, as is the lower neck.

Face Shapes: Oval, square, diamond, heart, and round shaped faces can all sport the balbo relatively well. It’s not ideal for a triangle shaped face because it will highlight the larger jawline in a not-so-flattering way.

Christian Bale - Balbo

Christian Bale - Balbo

7. Extended Goatee

Background: So, you want to bend it like Beckham? We can’t confirm or deny whether or not the extended goatee helped him land a Spice Girl for a wife, but it probably didn’t hurt things.

How to grow: It’s essentially a beard connected to a mustache, without the sideburns. It’s different from the balbo because the mustache and the beard are connected, rather than having a floating mustache. In order to grow an extended goatee, it’s recommended that you start by growing in a full beard, and then trimming it to suit you from there.

Face Shapes: The extended goatee works really well for people with oblong shaped faces and is also favored by anyone who has patchier growth on their cheeks since you’re shaving most of that off anyways.

David Beckham - Extended Goatee

8. Touch of Scruff

Background: When you’re George Clooney, you can get away with a touch of scruff, even when rocking a completely formal look. Even if you aren’t a movie star and style icon, there’s a big difference between just a little touch of scruff that still looks cared for, compared to a full-on mess, especially when the rest of your look is perfectly put-together.

How to grow: This is a short, thick beard that is well-maintained, but also gives some leeway to allow for a touch of scruff here and there, so it’s not something you have to be actively trimming and maintaining on a daily or even weekly basis, it gives you a lot of breathing room and can still look very sharp, especially with a slick hairstyle.

A common occurrence that you’ll notice again and again among these celebrities and their beards is the contrast between styled hair and a messier more casual looking beard.

Face Shapes: George Clooney has been scientifically proven to have the world’s most handsome face, according to articles that made the rounds in 2017. That trait obviously helps in pulling off a scruffier look, but in general, this beard will work for any shape of the face. 

George Clooney - Touch of Scruff

9. Salt and Pepper

Background: Earlier on his in career, Ben Affleck would always be clean shaven, or rocking just a 5 o’clock shadow at the most. Since then, his beard has grown up with him, landing at a respectable and mature salt and peppered short beard.  

How to grow: Short beard styles typically look better on guys who can grow in thicker beards, because there isn’t any extra length to compensate for the patchiness. If you have a patchier, less-thick beard, you can usually just grow it longer and nobody is the wiser, but if you’re keeping it short like Ben Affleck’s salt and pepper beard, it helps if it’s full. It goes well with hairstyles that are shorter on the side. You can taper your sideburns and go right into the beard with a smooth line. Keep the beard and mustache well-trimmed with strongly defined lines.

Face Shapes: This style can work with any shape of face. Since it’s shorter, you don’t have as much wiggle room, but you can still sculpt it in a flattering way, even without a lot of extra room to work with.

Ben Affleck - Salt and Pepper

10. “Fear the Beard”

Background: James Harden is a beast on the ball court, leading the Houston Rockets to an incredible season in 2018. For a man who is so imposing, any other type of beard just wouldn’t do the trick. You can dig up some pictures of him in his younger years to see what he looks like without his now-iconic beard, and it certainly suits him to have it, to say the least.

He’s been asked in interviews what he does to take care of his beard and to maintain it, his answer was that he has a barber who combs it, brushes it, shampoos it, and that maintaining it is a daily routine.

How to grow: To grow a beard like this, you can have short hair that gets progressively thicker down the sideburns and flows into a bushier beard. It’s trimmed relatively straight down the side of the face and should be at least a few inches long as it descends downwards. There’s a strong line from the mid to upper ear down to the mustache, and it’s well-defined, but doesn’t have that same crisp look as someone like Drake, for instance, because the beard itself is bushier. You trim around your mouth as necessary, and just keep the rest of the beard completely full and thick.

Face Shapes: This beard doesn’t work as well for wider shaped faces since it has some width to it already. Other than that, it works with just about any jawline, since it’s buried deep in there and out of view. If you don’t have a very strong jawline, a beard like this can help mitigate that altogether.

James Harden - "Fear the Beard"

1. Bandholz

The Bandholz beard style is impressive, sadly I can’t seem to grow one. This beard was actually popularized by Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand. Most people in this realm likely remember the community Bandholz created and may even buy the products he now creates, ranging from beard oils and softeners to combs and scissors.

Shape: Oval, Diamond, and triangle face shapes.

How to Grow: The Bandholz is going to take time to grow, expect to wait at a minimum of 6 months to amass this beard. It is going to look hobo-esque and unkempt like we said to avoid, but the wait will be worth it. Maintain the length and girth and leave your scissors and razors untouched. Once you can’t seem to grow anymore you can trim to your preference and maintain.

Eric Bandholz from BeardBrand

2. Garibaldi

On the topic of full-beards, the Garibaldi is another popular choice. The goal is to achieve a more roundish beard to complement oval face shapes. The mustache is kept trim while the beard is allowed to continue to grow as long as you desire.

Shape: Oval and rectangular

How to Grow: Shaping this beard is similar to the Bandholz. We suggest allowing the beard to grow as long as genetically possible. While the beard is growing, trim the mustache and cheek areas. Once the beard is finished growing, round it off to achieve this style.

The Garibaldi

3. Dutch/Old Dutch

The Dutch is a staple in beard growth. It’s more of an old-school/lumberjack look and similar to the Garibaldi, the Dutch is another larger beard, minus the mustache. The growth from the side-burns is kept fat because Dutch men were actually forbid to grow one. To off-set this they grew out the beards from the sideburns.

Shape: Oval and Diamond

How to Grow: The beard is grown outwards and allowed to flare from the sides as well as accented by the chin. The Dutch should not have a mustache.

The Dutch/Old Dutch

4. The Warrior

Shape– Square, Oval

How to Grow – the Warrior is one of the more unconventional beard styles out there. It will take you a while to go, but by the gods, it looks incredible. With a distinctly Viking-like appearance, the Warrior is everything you want in a beard. Grow your hair long, and let the sideburns flow down into a full beard. Let your mustache grow as well, without shaping it. The key lies below the chin: after getting the beard long enough, separate it into two distinct braids. It takes a while, but it looks beyond awesome.

The Warrior/Viking

5. The Boss

Shape – Any

How to get it – the Boss can be achieved by starting with fading sideburns that grow out into a full beard. The ‘burns need to be trimmed on the outside. It is simple, demands attention, and isn’t hard to manage as long as you treat it right. Pair with a nice side part in your hair for the best overall look.

The Boss

6. Polished Beard

Shape – Round and Square

How to grow – Beard styles that have a polished look give off a “good man with a wild side” look to anyone who sees them. While it is a full, wild beard, it is trimmed at the sides and the bottom to give it a more defined shape and structure. The edges are trimmed and shaped so that the overall look is very uniform and neat all the way through. The best part? You only need to take a trimmer to it for a couple of minutes each day to keep it in line.


7. Razors Edge

Shape – Any

How to grow – This is a beard style that will never grow out of trend (pun intended). You can achieve the Razors Edge by fading in the sideburns to give way to a wild, full beard. The sides are not trimmed into the same level as the polished look, but you should keep the edges nice and even for a cleaner look overall. Grow out your mustache and shape it so that it curls slightly upwards at the tip. Below the chin, keep the hair long and sloping gently towards a point, but cut off at the end.

Razors Edge

8. Handlebars + Beard

Shape – Any

How to grow – The handlebars aren’t technically a beard style, but they look fantastic when paired with a well-maintained long beard. To get this look, grow out your beard to a length of about 4 inches or more below your chin. Shape it so that it follows the shape of a collar. Let the sideburns fade into your hair. Now, grow out your mustache and use wax to start shaping it. Point, twist and curl the hair in your ‘stache until it points upwards so that the whole thing looks like a ‘W.’ Paired with a trimmed, well-kept beard, this can look positively magnificent!

Handlebars + Beard

9. The Faded Beard

Shape – Square, Oval

How to grow – Taking its name from the sideburns that fade nicely into the beard, this is one of the beard styles that are shorter but look as great as ever. You can get this one by letting your sideburns fade into the main beard, which must have a square cut when looked at from the front. Let the beard grow down below your chin to about 3 inches, then trim it to a flat line at the end. To add some finishing touches, you can pair this with a handlebar-like mustache for added zest.


10. The Uniform Beard

Shape – Square, Oval, Round

How to grow – The uniform is what the name says: a beard style with uniform length throughout. It isn’t one of the longer beards, that’s for sure. This full beard extends to about 2 inches past the chin, ending in a nice, shaped and rounded point. The mustache needs to blend in uniformly with the beard, so the same hair length is trimmed throughout the beard and ‘stache for a smoother appearance. For the working professional in you.

The Uniform

11. Bush and Coif

Shape – Long, square, oval

How to grow – this is one of the more rugged beard styles. It is wilder than most others and is perfect for someone who works with his hands a lot. For your hair, start off with a shorter cut and a side part that spikes up a little. Fade the sideburns down into the main part of the beard. Similar to the uniform, let it grow down below the chin a bit, shaping it into a square-ish, rounded end. Let the hair grow freely, and don’t keep it as neatly trimmed as the Uniform. Your beard should grow out into handlebars for the best overall look.

Bush and Coif

12. The Two Tone

Shape – Oval, Round

How to grow – There are beard styles that tell the world you’re a man, and this is one of them. It is a very respectable beard style. Grow your beard full, but let it grow longer below the chin, so it makes a pointed goatee shape of sorts. Then, color the middle strip of this in a different color, or trim out all the black hairs and let only gray grow there. Don’t let bleaching begin at the roots. Let your mustache grow out, although not into handlebars.

Two Tone

13. Short and Tapered

Shape – Round, Oval

How to grow – the Short and Tapered is a very simple shorter beard style that can blow minds away when done right. For starters, your hair needs to be short and cut into defined lines at the edges. Sideburns need to be nearly invisible until they fade into the beard at mid-cheek. Let your mustache blend into your beard, and keep the meeting point at uniform length. Trim your beard, so it is just past your chin, tapering into a rounded point. Grow a small soul patch for a fuller appearance.

Short and Tapered

14. Bold and Thick

Shape – Any

How to grow – this is a pretty famous beard style today. The bold and thick gives off a very dashing appearance if done right. For this, you should let your sideburns blend into the beard with nearly the same length throughout. Angle the top edge down diagonally across your cheek, curving upwards at your lower lip to meet a trimmed soul patch. Below the chin, let it grow down an inch and taper it to a rounded end. Trim your mustache, and let a thin line of hair meet the rest of the beard, traveling down at the corners of your mouth.

Bold and Thick

15. Short and Textured

Shape – Oval and round

How to grow – this is a very similar style to the short and tapered but has a more fleshed out look at the front. Works best with longer hair. Let your sideburns grow out and down into the beard without a fade. Trim your beard close to your cheek and let the length increase closer to the chin. At the chin, let it grow up into the soul patch without any defined edges. The edges along your cheek shouldn’t be sharply trimmed either, but fade into the beard. Let your mustache grow to about the same length for better texture.

Short and Textured

17. Short beard with mustache

Shape – Oval, Square

How to grow – Keep the beard down to almost your jawline for the start. Let thin sideburns grow into it. Shape it to the shape of your chin. Let the mustache grown in the shape of an inverted U without touching your beard and ruining the ‘do. Keep it all closely trimmed for the best results, paired with a nice, clean side part.

Short Beard with Mustache

18. Handlebar with patchy beard

Shape – Square

How to grow – this is one of the shorter beard styles. Grow your hair long and with a deep side part or coif. Your mustache needs to be trimmed into a handlebar, shaped with wax if needed for a slight curl at the tips. Keep your beard patchy and unkempt, with more thickness at the chin, but close to your skin without growing out.

Patchy with Mustache

19. Thin beard

Shape – Oval or Square

How to grow – this is one of the shortest beards you can have. Perfect for a fade in your hair. Let your sideburns come down thin, disappearing and then fading into the main beard. Keep the edges sharply defined with a slight curve. The mustache needs to be closely trimmed, so it is basically a line of stubble that meets the beard close to the lower lip. Keep everything trimmed to perfection for a clean cut look.


20. Chin Strap Beard

Shape – Square

How to grow – the chin strap beard is one of the shorter beard styles that works well with short hair. A fade would also go well with this beard. Let your sideburns fade gently into a short growth of stubble that moves along your jawline, covering your chin and back. Don’t let the beard extend past the jawline onto your cheek as this will ruin the look. Keep the mustache down to stubble, along with a small, nearly invisible soul patch for added effect.

Chin Strap

21. The Full Serious

Shape – Oval, Square

How to grow– this is a trimmed, short beard style that looks really good on any occasion. It works well with short hair in any style. To get this, let trimmed and defined sideburns come down into a beard of nearly the same length. Do not define the edges of the beard but trim them so they are rough but visible. Let your mustache grow to the same length and connect to the beard at the corners of your mouth.

The Full Serious

So, there you have it! Twenty-two wonderful beard styles for men with all facial shapes and sizes as well as with all types of beards and hairstyles. Whether it is the Warrior you want or the Full Serious, there is bound to be a style that strikes your fancy right here. Try them out, and keep looking fabulous. Wait, Bro, where is the 23rd? We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite style in 2018, let us know by commenting below!

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