Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner

One of the most famous brands in the beard care business is surely worth a look since loyalty doesn’t come easy in a business where your product decides on the condition of someone’s face. Everyone who ever grew beard knows how long it takes and how hard it is to do something like that. Achieving a good beard quality isn’t just a matter of growing beard, grooming is a meticulous process that takes time and patience and good skin and hair products can surely help you out.

That is how the Leven Rose made the name for themselves, providing the best help for the men looking for the fabulous beard and doing it good so the first time customers became loyal brand supporters, and there truly is no better commercial.

A secret to their success might be in way they communicate with their customers: they are very open and honest about what they do and what they make and people that end up using their products surely appreciate that.

That is why this Leven Rose Beard Oil consists of only two ingredients: organic jojoba and argan oil. The oil is fragrance free and there is nothing to harm your skin in any way. The natural organic virgin jojoba oil used in this simple beard oil will perfectly complement your natural skin oil and help it better soothe your skin and nourish your beard, no matter how long it is. Moroccan argan oil will make your beard softer and smoother than ever, so you will never be shun by a kisser ever again nor will anyone shout when you hug them. No irritation for you or anyone else is the name of the game and this perfectly organic and natural beard oil will help you do just that.

Leven Rose Beard Oil

Your beard won’t only look better than ever, it will also be healthier than ever, with the anti-oxidizing elements of the argan oil and the nutrient and nourishing jojoba for the follicles under the surface of your skin. Nothing else is added into this oil so there is no worry in case of allergies or other reactions you might have to it – it is the safest product out there.

Leven Rose is also proud to be green, so there are no GMO substances nowhere near this bottle, everything is organic and vegan friendly, as well as pet friendly: no Leven Rose products have ever been tested on animals! Packed in a beautiful amber bottle it is sure to last a long time and look great while at it, just remember to keep it in the dark place since the UV light can be harmful for the oil compounds. The 1oz bottle costs around $14 which is acceptable when you see what you get for that price.

Pros: completely natural, great for skin, no GMO, no animal testing

Cons: too few ingredients, lacks fragrance