Wisdom Beard Oil – Manly Woodsy Scent

When it comes to conditioners and things you can buy to help you relieve the itch that the beard can make – we all know that no money should be spared. Wisdom Beard’s Original Beard Oil is one of those, scent you can’t forget and oil you can’t go on without. People that try this brand are almost sure to come back since the quality and style are imperative for this company.

Wisdom Beard Oil

Brand trademark and the business standard – amber glass bottle are sure to sweep you of your feet since the first meeting with the Wisdom Oil is a love at first sight. Carefully and expertly crafted and designed, every bottle is a little piece of art, and the contents of it are even better! Everything that gets inside of this bottle is premium and completely natural and organic. All the ingredients can be found on the label and there is nothing undisclosed. Good news for the allergy-prone folks is that the Wisdom Beard Oil is free of everything nut related, so you can rest assured that there is nothing dangerous for you in here, no matter how severe your allergy is.

This beard oils is also made in the USA, so there is another aspect that can tell you of the quality and the integrity of the brand. Buying one of these bottles will not only show your love for the beard and the local market but will also entitle you to use the free counseling service provided to all Wisdom customers – you can get expert advice on grooming and everything else beard related, which shows dedication and customer service rarely seen anywhere else.

If you love the scent of wood and like your beard to smell like that, too, look no further because this scent is surely to scream “manly” at whoever comes close enough to catch the air around you. The conditioner inside the oil will surely make your beard fabulous and amazing, making it shiny and soft while neutralizing beard itching and dry skin. With the dry skin, you will also say goodbye to the beard dandruff, often called beardruff, which can make any beard look messy and unattractive. This brand does use several different oils and some customers reported it being too greasy and causing pimples, but it might be variable depending on the skin type.

If your skin is already greasier than normal, you might want to look into more brands. Your beard will never get messy or tangled ever again and touching skin of other people with your beard won’t be a problem ever again since the beard will become soft and enjoyable for you and the people around you. Together with the great smell and the shiny texture you will get from it there is really nothing to stop you from spending $20 to get it.

Pros: great for itchy beard, softens hair nicely, lovely design

Cons: greasy, reported to cause breakouts